Monday, July 20, 2015

Weekend Rewind

So this weekend was officially the hottest of the year so far and it was pretty amazing!! Weekends are soo fun these days!!

Friday nights ball game was cancelled, so we made some last minute plans to go out for dinner with R&J, which happened to be R's birthday too!! We just went to the pub here in the village. Noah was pretty hungry, but he actually wasn't too bad for waiting around at the restaurant and they brought his food pretty fast! He ate soo much!! 

After dinner they came over to see the back yard and Noah suckered K into pushing him on the swing! He was super tired, but super happy to be on the swing! 

At about 2 AM Noah woke up and was not a happy camper! M ended up bringing him down to our bed where he cuddled with me for a bit. M got him some Tylenol, not sure if it was teeth or a sore tummy from eating soo much! So he stayed in bed with us for a while but wouldn't settle until M got up and rocked him to sleep. It's nights like this that remind us how lucky we are to have such a good sleeper becaus M and I do not communicate well at 2:30 in the morning!

Noah slept in until 9:30 AM! I headed out around 10 to pick up a shower gift and exchange the blinds I bought that were the wrong length! I also stopped at the health food store, grabbed some oils and chia seeds! 

I had N's baby shower in the afternoon, but when I got home it was family swim time!! I took soo many video of Noah! He is the happiest in the pool or water! If you have me on Instagram you can see them, otherwise you will have to wait until I figure out how to upload them! I took a few in slo-motion and live watching his full facial reaction!!

J and C came over for a swim as well and we didn't end up getting out until almost 7 PM! We headed to the ball park for dinner, knowing there was a ball tournament on! Afterwards we went to play at the park

And check out the lawn mowers!! 

Sunday morning Noah slept in again past 9:30 and anxious Daddy was rearing to get down to the lake!  
Noah didn't enjoy the car ride down, but he got over it after we stopped for the apple donut holes again!

He was pretty happy to see Grandma and Grandpa and enjoyed playing in a kiddy pool down there, it didn't take him long to soak himself dumping buckets on himself and eventually climbing right in! Good thing I brought back up clothes! 

We headed out on the water, and enjoyed a nice day spent with family and friends! 

Watching Daddy take the dogs for a swim to cool down!

The water is crazy high this year, so they don't really have a spot to touch bottom on! 

We came in to shore around 5 beating the storm and rain just in time! 

We enjoyed chili for dinner and then headed home, stopping for ice cream on our way home for national ice cream day! Everyone enjoyed it to say the least!! 

This morning we are off to try out a little splash pad in town with friends! 


Murdock's mama said...

What a fun weekend! I had to laugh at 'M & I do not communicate well at 2:30a' :)

J and A said...

Looks like a great weekend. Weekends on the water are always the best! So glad he loves the water! Does he not like a life jacket? D screamed in it last year but loves it this year!


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