Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Weekend Rewind: Tuesday Edition

Our weekend was pretty great! The weather we are getting is HOT and amazing!! I love the heat, especially when we have air conditioning haha.

Friday night M had ball, they lost, but they only had 9 players and actually kept the score close! Noah is super busy at the ball games now, refusing to sit still on his stroller now! I did get to try a friends baby carrier and I really like it! She was kind enough to lend it to me next week while we are away - more on that towards the end of the post. I was considering getting an ergo, but then found out about the boba and I think I like it more and it's better for toddler wearing, not to mention super easy to put on!

Saturday morning I went for my run and it was super hot at 8:30 in the morning, but I got my best pace yet of 7:35/km, however the down side was my knee took a beating and is still sore! I didn't bother running last night with the group because my knee is still swollen. I'm hoping I don't fall to far behind, but I really don't want to wreck my knee and just need to take it slow!

Later Saturday morning we had Party in the Park here in the village to celebrate the grand opening of the new park! I felt bad for M, he had to wear his fire uniform and it was HOT! Noah had fun dancing to the music, playing with the bubbles from the bubble machine and he got to put his "mark on the park":

Saturday afternoon Noah went down for his nap, meanwhile M and I enjoyed the pool in peace! Our neighbours behind us came over for a visit, when Noah woke up. Noah and Brook are just over a year apart, but they actually played really well together! 

We went to a neighbourhood BBQ afterwards together and I was happy to steal some baby snuggles with her 1 month one little boy! We were home a little later than we planned, but Noah still managed to get himself to sleep!! Pretty sure I was in bed by 10! 

Sunday morning we packed right up and headed to the lake for the day!! 

The dogs were all ready!!

Noah put himself down for his nap!! First time doing it all on his own while we weren't home!! So proud!!

First swim all by himself!! "No hands"!! He loves his puddle jumper!! 

Yesterday we ran some errands and did some crafting!! Last night while watching The Bachlorette - glad she picked Shawn!! I finished Noah's 0-6 month photo book!! I have 6-12 to go and need to get it done by the end of August! 

So as I mentioned above, Noah and I are taking a little trip again this summer. This will be my first solo trip with just Noah and leaving Mike for a whole week! We have never been apart that long since being married, but it was too good of an offer to pass up! We are heading out west again to Saskatchewan to my cousins for Briar's first birthday!! As I've mentioned before my cousins are Air Canada pilots and they are allowing me to use their buddy system to fly down on for quite a significant discount. Why does flying across Canada have to cost soo much?!?!

I am pretty nervous to be flying with a busy almost 18 month old by myself, but we will manage! It's just 3 hours! I will also have my cousins there to help worst case scenario! Noah's pretty chill, I'm just not sure how he will handle sitting still for that long! 


Murdock's mama said...

Mark on the park is such a cute idea! I love all your neighborhood bbq's! Yay for lake days! Aren't puddle jumpers awesome?! I can't wait to hear more about your trip!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I am so impressed with Noah, sleeping on the boat! The one time we tried to get A down on a boat it was an epic fail. He looks like he is loving swimming too :)
Hope your knee starts to feel better soon. And you will do great on your trip! Enjoy yourselves :)

J and A said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend. Hope your knee feels better, that sucks. He is so cute swimming!! That's so great. We have one of those life jackets, I will have to try it out this week.


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