Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Date Night Recap/ Wednesday Loves

 Happy Wednesday Friends/Family

I have to share this restaurant we went to last night for our anniversary. It was called Borealis and we went to the one in Kitchener (for any locals) but there is also one in Guelph. The food served is all LOCAL!! There is just something about knowing you are supporting our local farmers! They know all their farmers on a first name basis and their menu will definetely have something on it to please everyone! 

With that being said we ordered the Bruschetta and their Romaine and Kale Cesar Salad to share for our starters! The salad was soo fresh and the dressing was homemade and not too strong, just perfect! We don't normally order bruschetta, but it did not disappoint! It was served on a flat bread, and once again not to strong and the perfect consistency. Of course I failed at taking pics of anything at the restaurant! The actual decore is beautiful too!! M and I did find it weird just being the two of us and being able to relax during a meal, not entertain Noah! 

For the main course Mike ordered the Cajun chicken which we said the flavour of was great! I ordered the 10 oz steak with garlic mashed potatoes and market veggies. The steak had a bacon cream sauce on it that was to die for! We didn't bother with dessert, because I had ordered a Costco cake a head of time, knowing I was going to freeze 80% of it! Now when I want cake, I can have just a piece! 

We did goto Costco last night afterwards, we stuck to our list mainly. We started buying the BBQ Ranch Kale salad there - it is delicious!! It's a meal in itself, we just add some chicken or steak. I also got 3 pairs of leggings there for running - more on that tomorrow. But they are really nice leggings and for only $12!! 

On to some other loves:

Gracie is officially feeling better and is pretty much back to 100%!! This makes my heart happy!! I will say she is still stubborn as ****, but that's nothing new and rather typical!! 

Love these two!! 

Noah is getting pretty clever... He turned his lawnmower into a riding lawnmower! He is his fathers son!! 

Daddy also spoiled him with an excavator ride: 

What else is new around here? I'm drawing a blank! So we will cut this post here, just in time for Noah to get up at 8:45 AM! 

Have a great day!! 


Jenn said...

So glad you had a nice date night!!

Murdock's mama said...

OMG...the 'riding mower' is TOO cute!!!

Yay for an awesome date night! Congrats again!

Living out of Wedlock said...

Love the date night pics! And Noah is having too much fun on that ride with his daddy!

Leigh said...

We are in Ontario for our anniversary, so maybe we'll go there. My brother and his wife had their wedding dinner there :)

J and A said...

Awesome that you guys got out for dinner. Sounds delicious!!


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