Thursday, November 26, 2015

20 Weeks with Baby V2

How Far Along:
20 weeks

Size Of Baby?

Maternity Clothes?
Still mixing it up where I can, but mostly maternity clothes! Are you sure I can't just live in my lulu lemon pants? They are the most comfy and pretty much the only pairs that fit for non-jeans. I also really need to go bra shopping. They stopped carrying my current comfy bra, so now I'm stuck tying to find a new comfy one. Even my sports bras feel tight by the end of the day. I never had this problem with Noah! 

Stretch Marks?
Nope, but I am putting on oil when I remember to! 

We will find out in April!! 

We will share in April, our girl names are pretty much set, but boy names are very few, I will say we have two contenders and a middle name picked out! 

Is going well. Napping is also going well!! 

 Chocolate chip cookies again and nacho dip - not together. Also oddly enough when I was giving Noah a pickle, the jar smelt really good, but I couldn't bring myself to try one. 

Lots of kicks being felt inside, but nothing on the outside yet! Kick are up high though, which I am still getting used to!! 

Weight Gain:
Roughly 9 pounds. 

Skin is still such a mess and not healing quick at all! Heartburn has started, Noah now knows what Tums are. Good otherwise. Mood is still hit and miss, patience level is lower this week. 

What I Miss?
Not much! 

Items Bought for Baby:
A few gender neutral newborn sleepers. We only have boy ones. 

What the doctor had to say? 
We don't see him for a few more weeks! 

It was a long slow week, with not much time report in.

Belly Button?
In, but I will say it is getting shallower already! 

Bump Pic:

Looking Forward To:
Getting Noah's big boy room ready!! 

These posts will be a week behind, as I am now 21 weeks. 


Leigh said...

What app do you use for the size of the baby pictures? It's fun!

J and A said...

Half way!!!! So excited to hear your names and to find out the sex!! ha


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