Sunday, November 8, 2015

{ Weekend Party }

Our weekend was jam packed with fun and projects, nothing like a little work and a little play?!?!

Friday night we headed to Guelph to my cousins house, where she was hosting a family get together because my cousin from Saskatchewan was down with her husband and daughter! 

Noah had such a fun time and it was crazy to see the difference a few months made since we were last saw them, when we went out for a week. All 3 kids are at different stages now, and the age difference between Briar and Noah seemed less than last time. Noah is 6 months older than Briar and 11 months older than Gabe. Gabe is crawling now and Briar is walking, so it was a busy get together, but soo much fun!! My cousins will have to send me their camera pics, as I only took like one one phone:

We couldn't believe we were able to stay there until 8:45! Noah was just having soo much fun. We thought for sure he would fall asleep on the drive home, but nope, he was fake sleeping and snoring, laughing and talking the whole way home!! 

Luckily he went to bed good when we got home, but unfortunately he was up early the next morning.
Our week of sleep ins came to an end this weekend. 

Saturday morning we had to run into town to get shingles for the roof project M planned to do this weekend. Noah loved the car shopping cart. We also got another Christmas present done! 

We stopped at the farm on the way home to see how M's Mom was feeling after her surgery on Friday and then we headed home for lunch and nap time. While Noah was napping M started stripping the wallpaper off the walls in Noah's big boy room. He was going to start the roof, but it was spitting on and off and had a 50% chance of rain.

When Noah woke up he wanted the help Daddy and that is just what he did:

They managed to get about a 1/4 of the room done, as the wallpaper was not coming off easily. But I will report that we have picked the colors for the room! I'm hoping to pick the paint up next week. We also ordered a new baby gate for the bottom of the stairs, as Noah is a huge fan of doing the stairs and they are pretty steep. I have started offering free range of the whole main floor now instead of just the great room, so for his safety the gate will be a big help. The old one we have doesn't work the best.

For dinner Saturday night, Noah tried out his new big boy chair I mentioned I had found. It's perfect, however we will need to refinish it like I suspected but for $10 and it was exactly what we wanted, 
we won't complain! Noah loves it:

Can't believe how big he is getting!! Slow down time!! He is such an independent little boy and as much as it makes me proud, it makes me sad! He's not a baby anymore!! Saturday night I cried during the movie I Am Sam and then went to Walmart to get a birthday gift! 

Sunday M was determined to get the roof done. Noah was uber grumpy and not impressed he wasn't hanging out with Daddy. The lack of sleep was catching up on him big time, as he woke up early again. Let's just say there were quite a few tears and a lot of wiggles watched. Usually he doesn't 
watch a lot of TV, but I will admit, it was the one thing that worked yesterday! 

Sunday afternoon we had G's 3rd Birthday party, so we put Noah down for a morning nap at 11 and he slept for an hour before we headed out. M stayed home and worked on the roof! 

Noah had a great time at the party and despite his crazy morning, he was on his best behaviour! I didn't manage to get a photo at the party, but this is the art work he completed:

I was surprised he didn't get his hands all in it, but instead he was interested in just driving the tractors in the paint! I love how it turned into out! 

M still wasn't done the roof when we got home which created another tantrum. Fun times. More wiggles. But I also ended up getting lots of hugs and snuggles!

Grandpa came over to see Noah and then M took Noah for a backhoe ride giving me some alone time, so I could complete the photoshoot edits that ended up crashing my laptop. I am soo happy that have that completed. I also managed the get laundry folded and the rest of dinner going! When the boys did get home, M went and finished the roof quickly and then we sat down and enjoyed a roast beef dinner!

After dinner we had some good old family time and that's about it! 

I have a feeling today is going to be very rough! Luckily he didn't get up until after 8 though, somits a start in the right direction! But I am looking forward to tonight, as this mama is getting her hair done!! I don't often get professional color, but I am tonight! Hopefully it turns out like I hope it to!! 


J and A said...

Glad you have colors picked!! Exciting. Sounds like a great weekend! I love that movie. It's been years since I've seen it.

Leigh said...

You had quite the busy weekend! Seeing kids with their cousins close in age is just too cute :)

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I am not sure I have seen that movie! We have never needed baby gates in our current house but the new house is a two storey and I want one for upstairs for sure!
Love Noah's tractor art!


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