Thursday, November 12, 2015

Getting Things Back Under Control

It's about time I sat down and wrote a little about what has been weighing on this mind of mine!!

I will admit that since becoming pregnant with baby #2 a lot of things have began to slide around our house. My house is not clean, the laundry in my room has no home now that my maternity drawer has taken over, I've got furniture that needs to find a home, my living room is trashed on a daily basis and I don't bother dealing with it until the end of the day... The list goes on.

Is it getting any better? Yes and No. Noah is now responsible for cleaning up his mess at the end of the day and that works for me. We created an adult space and a toy area in the the lgreat room now and that has helped big time as well. 

Now that the pure exhaustion has subsided I'm wanting to get my normal back. I want a clean house. The bathrooms have been deep cleaned and that felt amazing to accomplish! More than anything I want to be organized. I still haven't found all my napkins I put away... And am stuck using the smallest cocktail napkins I received as a gift. 

I want everything to have a home and if it doesn't have one... It goes. When we went through Noah's big boy room, that room hadn't been gone through since we moved here. It just piled up and after going through it and getting rid of soo much, I'm ready for the next challenge. It felt good getting rid of stuff. 

So my plan is to tackle a job at least every other day, from small tasks to big tasks. Our biggest household goal right now is to get Noah's big boy room done! We also need to get the basement organized, as that is where a lot of the furniture went from the previous spare room. If we can accomplish these three goals by the end of the month I will feel back on track. We are off to good start though. 

I know in my mind that the most important things are taken care, we have a healthy and happy little boy, a happy marriage, and a baby on the way... clearly the mess will wait for us. I am aware that life is only about to get a little more chaotic and that we are all going to have to step our game. We will rely on asking for help, even if it's just for someone to watch the kids so we can maintain a clean house. One thing I do plan on is having a cleaning company come in before I have the baby, so the house will be starting off clean, then it will hopefully just be maintenance by us afterwards. I feel like I owe it to ourselves after the disaster we brought Noah home to during a renovation! There will be no renovations this time around if it can be helped! 

So there you have it - that is where my mind has been at and blogging daily will not be a priority. I will still make an effort obviously, but instead of trying to get 5 posts out a week, I may aim for 3 here on in, still enough to keep an update with what's going on in our lives. 


P!nky said...

I think having a cleaning service come in before the baby is a really smart idea. And I think you have a good head on your shoulders, acknowledging your thoughts and frustrations and then understanding what is truly important.

Murdock's mama said...

I hear ya! Living in a 1000 sq. ft. space right now is HARD! I have no idea how people make family closets work long term. We have an entire room and it's NOT big enough! We're struggling, too! :( Good luck!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I aim for 3-4 posts a week and that is it, since it is a hobby sometimes it falls down the priority list!
I already feel like I am nesting and want to clean everything and declutter but with us moving before baby there is no point right now. Though moving before baby also stresses me out!
I had a cleaning company come in before A and it was a huge disappointment, I can clean my house better myself in a couple hours weekly than they did! Though I am super anal lol.

Stacy said...

I find it funny that things like a deep cleaned bathroom puts us at ease and makes us feel good...I am so like that. I get home, rush to get supper going so I can throw a load in the wash while I clean the upstairs bathroom while supper cooks....I just feel better when I have cleaned something!

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

I so agree - I want everything in our home to have a place of it's own or it goes! It's so hard to maintain though. Even though I'm not a big shopper, junk still seems to come home with us. And I feel like since I can never clean the whole house in one go (because hello toddler tornado), it's never always clean because there's always one room ready to be cleaned again! I know a clean house doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things, but it still creates some peace in your space. Getting a cleaning service before baby comes in is a great idea!!

Sarah Alway said...

I think you are doing a great job and have a great plan to keep yourself organized and prioritize your life. I can't imagine being pregnant while also having a toddler... that's probably why I have put it off thus far. Someday!


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