Monday, November 30, 2015

<<<< Weekend Rewind <<<<

I really meant to blog on Friday, however I really was not feeling well. Each and every day last week I woke up thinking I couldn't feel any worse and by Friday afternoon I was the worst I could feel. I did manage to snag a few good deals online for Black Friday, including my new laptop and quite a few Christmas presents!! We did our running around in the morning, stopped by the shop to Grandpa and Daddy:

We came home for lunch and naptime, at that time I thought I needed a nap for sure, but I experienced the most intense earache and headache I couldn't even deal with. Tylenol wouldn't touch it, so I decided I better check in to the walk in clinic. I dropped Noah off at the farm, rushed into town, for the doctor to say it wasn't bad enough to warrant antibiotics while pregnant. So basically I had no choice but to man up to the pain. 

We ended up having dinner at the farm and I went to bed early in attempt to feel better. My sleep was rough, I remember falling asleep for like 15 minutes and it felt like an hour. I did finally fall asleep around 3 AM and slept until Noah woke up around 7:15. He tends to wake up earlier on weekends when he knows Daddy is home. 

Saturday the focus was on Noah's room. We got his dresser built, chair brought in, and Noah helped move all his stuffed animals over to his room after we made the bed. 

I love how thrilled he is with his new space, even though my vision with the whole space has came and went. I was actually upset that it didn't look the way I envisioned it! The room is just soo small and the bigger furniture makes it tighter than I imagined. We hung up the mirror on the wall and that helped me create a new vision. I'm not going with just one theme now, I am going with a personal touch of Noah's favorite things and I want to add a rustic flare somehow. So I have come up with a few ideas and it will take a few months to get them all in place, as I will need my Dads help with a few things. So you will have to stay tuned for a while until I can get the room just as I want it. 

We decided to let him try napping in his new bed and we did find success, although M had to lay with him for about 15 minutes until he fell asleep, but he napped for 2 hours. 

We worked away upstairs in the afternoon as well, had lasagna for dinner and just had some family time up until it was bedtime again. M really wanted Noah to try sleeping in there for bedtime, although I was on the fence, I figured it wouldn't hurt. He took a lot longer to settle and once again M had to lay with him. I made some spinach dip, as we were heading out to a friends house for games. M's parents came over to babysit and had a mostly uneventful night until about 11 PM, when Noah woke up. Luckily he was pleasantly surprised to see Grandma and Grandpa there. However when we got home it took quite some time to try to get him back down (1 AM) when I finally caved and told M to just let him sleep in his crib, there was no sense in forcing this, I really didn't want him to have a negative experience. He went right to sleep in his crib and we went to bed too. 

Sunday morning we discussed a new game plan for continuing to introduce his new bedroom to him. It's tricky because it's not just a new bed, it is a whole new room and space. So we tackled a new plan and continued to work in his new room, moving his clothes over to the new room, switching the closet doors, hanging his name on the wall, etc. I continued to work upstairs and the boys decided it was time to go outside and put up our Christmas decor. Not sure how I got out of this task, but I was not complaining!! I am happy with how it looks, although we have a few minor changes to make. We decided to got with the bigger of the two snow suits I bought in hopes that Noah will get a whole season out of it! Worst case we have a hand me down the next size up. Here he is all geared up!

Naptime went okay, I ended up putting him down half asleep and it worked, he just didn't nap for as long and he was overtired still from being up late last night. Once he woke up we headed to the farm to help Grandpa throw wood in at the farm! 

While I was cleaning up things in Noah's room, I came across the Christmas present we got Noah and Grandpa last year - matching superman costumes. So of course we had to bring his over to surprise Grandpa and you bet Grandpa participated. Noah's face just lit right up as they both raced around the house with thier capes flying. We were all laughing. It was just one of those perfect family memories, I was sure to document. You can see a video on my Instagram of these two! 

Noah went to bed in his big boy room when we got home after his bath and milk of course. He wanted to watch his video of him and Grandpa over and over!! He definetely got his fill of Grandpa time this weekend!! 

This morning I woke up to the sweetest call for mama coming from Noah's big boy room, to find him sitting up in his bed soo proudly!!! He had a great first whole night in his new room!! Soo proud of him!!! 


Murdock's mama said...

Awesome weekend...can't wait to see the room! :)

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Dang ears causing everyone issues, hope it is better!
Glad his first night in the bed and new room went well, go Noah!!

Leigh said...

Hope you are feeling better! Glad Noah did well in his big boy bed:)


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