Monday, November 16, 2015

Weekend Rewind

This weekend was a bit more low key to say the least. Yes we accomplished a few things, but we were not busy!!

Friday night I went over to a friends for girls night! Friday was a busy day for myself, as I had an appointment for my Dad in the morning to attend and then ultrasound and OB appointment for myself in the afternoon. 

My Dad watched Noah while we we were gone and the two had a blast together!! Love that they got some one on one time before he heads South for the winter! We also discovered Felix is suffering from some sort of urinary tract infection or crystals, so he is in isolation until we can get him treatment (Monday)

Saturday M had to do some surveying, so it was just Noah and I. We tackled some laundry and some snuggles on the couch with this pouty boy who just wanted to hang out with Daddy! 

Daddy got home around lunch time and Noah seemed to cheer up after his nap. He is teething right now, so is hit and miss with his mood. While Noah was napping we brought our fireplace out of storage (it's electric) and then M went to work on Noah's big boy room!! I decided a nap was necessary for myself, and woke when Noah did. Noah decided he wanted to help Daddy work on his room, so he scraped the walls, sprayed the walls or vacuumed. 

We had a nice steak dinner and then we all went up to the bedroom to finish the job and I'm happy to report the wallpaper is all gone!! We also laid out the furniture with tape - can you tell we are excited? We came up with a timeline and I am hoping Noah will be able to give his room a try the first weekend in December!! This week I will focus on picking up the paint for the room and over the next few weeks I will hopefully find a rug, black out blind and curtains. 

Sunday morning was pretty low key. We spent a lot of time as a family, worked on folding and doing laundry, as well as a few other small tasks. M repaired some of the walls in Noah's big boy room so we will be ready for paint next weekend!! We did a little mini photoshoot (stay tuned tomorrow) and then it was lunch time! 

During naptime, M went outside to finish up a few things on the roof from last weekend, and some yard work, while did some editing of blog posts and had a shower/bath. We headd to farm for Sunday dinner when Noah got up! 

Yes I slacked on photos this weekend, but there wasn't much to document really! It was just a nice low key weekend!! 

Noah was having too much fun at the farm, but we finally got him to sit still for a few minutes! 

Today we get the pleasure of taking Felix to the vet. I'm not looking forward to it at all, as he doesn't travel well at all and does horrible crated. So M's Mom is going to help me out by driving me to the vet, so I can wrap Felix up in a towel and carrying him in the car (that's how he does best) as he wrecks his face in the carrier. Wish us luck!! 


Murdock's mama said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Good luck at the vet today!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Awe love the u/s pic! Hope the kitty feels better soon!
What teeth is Noah getting? A just got her two year molars we realized so I am happy that is all over with!
I want to get started on our nursery haha, but for now I am just left planning it in my head ;)

Leigh said...

Sounds like a good weekend :) How was your ultrasound? Those are the best!

purpun said...

Hi blogging buddy! And Josie says hi Noah!
Your new babe is looking beautiful! I have my 20 week scan in two weeks and am so excited for it.
Good luck with the big boy room! We're probably gonna keep Josie in the nursery as long as baby #2 is in the bassinet in our bedroom (~5 months). Josie will be 18 months when the new babe arrives so we're thinking of transitioning her to a big girl bed/room just before age 2.


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