Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Wednesday Loves

I will start of this post by saying I am loving the weather we are getting this week!! 20 degrees (Celcius friends) has been such a nice change!! Today's goal is to clean the windows!! 

I am loving that for the 2nd day in a row I have been up and ready by 8 and little man is still sleeping!! Today I managed a shower BY MYSELF... Well sort of - the cat snuck in the bathroom, but still no toddler crawling between my legs!! Yesterday I even got laundry up on the line to dry! I thought this time change would be harder, but so far it has been a breeze and Noah only had one bad day (Monday) adjusting. 

I am loving that I found a vintage high chair on one of those Facebook buy sell sites and for only $10!! Noah's not loving his highchair lately and wants to sit in his own chair. He likes the one at the farm, so we will give it a try!! 

(This is the photo the seller posted and she says it just needs a good cleaning!)

(Sellers photo again)

I also found the baby a jumperoo on kijiji for a steal of just $20. We tried the door frame jumper for Noah and the only doors we had that would work weren't in an area we would be often, so he would only get to jump when we were getting ready in the bathroom. 

Today we are off to the library for songs and stories. 

Yesterday I got paint chips for Noah's new room! Now that I have the bedding to match with, it should be easier!! 

Last night we totally celebrated national sandwich day and had subs for dinner... Meal planning is that good this week... I only have tonight and tomorrow night to figure out now, as Friday we are at my cousins. 

Noah officially took his first unassisted selfie yesterday too - 13 times and it's the exact same photo haha

(I will spare you the other 12...)

We are officially done with bottles in our house for a few months at least! They are packed up and put away, as is the bottle drying station. Crazy how much room we just gained on the counter again. I think I will look for a smaller bottle rack this time around and sell our other one. Which bottle drying station did you use and would you recommend it?


Leigh said...

You guys are having some awesome weather! I'm jealous :)

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Love that bump!!

Jealous of your swarm weather! It's nicer there than it will be in Phoenix and Vegas when we go?!!?

Cute chair! So far Leo is still fine with his high chair at home. I dread the days he decides he doesn't want to sit in it!


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