Friday, November 6, 2015

Five On Friday

Today is the last of our warm spell and then we are back to seasonal temps! Yesterday I was actually in a tank top and capris!! It's also been great for hanging laundry on the line!! On to Friday's Five:

1) yesterday this little man and I went swimming at the public pool!! First he had a tantrum in the back yard... Apparently when I said we were going swimming, he thought in our pool, so he stood beside the pool, while I tried to explain that our pool is closed and that we are going to goto an indoor pool! Once I finally got him in the car, we headed into town to the pool. He wasn't too sure at first. He has been before, but he didn't want to be on his own like usual (by on his own, I mean within an arms reach, but not being held). After he jumped in a few times, it all came back and he swam like a champ, even better than before!! 

2) today we get to go visit my cousin from out west and little Briar. They are down for the weekend to see a HABS game, so we have a family dinner tonight! 

3) I cut Noah's hair this week for the first time!! Lesson learned to do it when Daddy's home, apparently he is a better distraction than lunch! The sides are a bit uneven, but it will come with time, other than that I am really happy with it. When Daddy was home he even let me use the clippers on his side burns!! This pic is before the clippers, but it essentially looks the same:

4) we have narrowed down the paint for Noah's room down to 3 paint chips! Hoping to wrap up this decision this weekend and maybe get the wallpaper striped! M and I are both excited to get this project going! 

5) our weekend plans include M fixing the roof above the dining room before the snow flies, so we don't get any more leaks, now that the room is finished! Hopefully strip some wallpaper, as mentioned above, we have a birthday party Sunday and that's about it as far as plans go!! 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!! 

1 comment:

Leigh said...

You are brave for cutting his hair! I would definitely screw it up! Have a great weekend :)


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