Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Halloween Crafting and Luke Bryan

On Thursday I finally sucked up my clean mom act and let things get a bit messy! Noah's first painting activity and it didn't disappoint! He was soo excited to give it a go!! First I did his feet so I could get this craft finally completed! I have his feet from last year that I never ended up finishing the craft.

He started off with brushes and it wasn't long before he was hands in!! Look at that smirk!
Giving the brushes another go.. backwards...

He decided he would clap his painted hands, spraying paint all over his face!

The mess was surprisingly not that bad, he went straight into the tub and enjoyed a freshly baked muffin right after.
After dinner it was time to carve up those pumpkins. We thought Noah was going to be hands on with this task too, but we were very wrong!

This was as hands on as he got!

He was rather disgusted with the process!!! When we asked him if he wanted to help, his hands went behind his back quickly!

Turns out the apple didn't fall far from the tree, because I hate that job too! Daddy was on his own haha!
His painted pumpkin wasn't dry yet.
Friday was the Luke Bryan concert in Detroit. So we left at 9:30 AM and started the 2.5 hour trek west.
While we were in the US, I managed to pick up Noah's comforter from the PO Box too! I love it!! We managed to get lost a few times, but made it right where we needed to be!! Our seats were amazing!
We saw Dustin Lynch, Randy Houser, Dierks Bentley and of course the main man Luke Bryan!  The pics can do the talking:




Crazy to think we started this tour out with him in Hamilton and finished it with him in Detroit, as this was his last stop on the tour. Yet the show was different. Of course Drink A Beer had this emotional mama in tears.
We made it back to my Dad's girlfriends in Windsor to stay the night. This baby was going nuts during the concert and after!
Menu planning is just not happening this week...


Murdock's mama said...

I'm so jealous you were at the concert!! SO fun!!!

Kristina said...

Jack loved pumpkin painting this year! 24 hour drive!!! Yikes. Glad you had fun!!!

Leigh said...

Cute craft! Sounds like you girls had fun at the concert :)


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