Monday, November 2, 2015

Time Change Monday

Such a busy weekend and I have soo much to catch up on as far as blogging goes, since I failed to blog Friday to update the rest of last week!! Soo... The plan of attack today is going to be to blog about the weekend and then maybe tomorrow I will recap our Halloween crafting and Luke Bryan concert.

So we will skip Friday night for now, and hop right on to Saturday!! 

Saturday morning us ladies drove home from Windsor after staying over night there after the concert. The drive was long - we never cross the bridge there, so I forgot how long the drive was, which was about 2.5 hrs. 

When I got home, I got the warmest welcome from Noah, it made my eyes swell (then again what doesn't these days??)!! M and Noah were outside raking up the leaves, so we took a few photos of Noah playing in the leaves!! 

Of course he had to have Gracie join in! She was thrilled... 

We had a Halloween party to go to for the kids in the village, but of course it was right during naptime! But we tried... Lasted a whole 25 minutes and our little monster turned into a real one.

So we came home and put him to bed and sure enough he went right to sleep! After nap the boys went back outside to rake more leaves, while I worked on some photos.

After dinner it was time to go trick or treating for the first time!! 

(We have yet to do our mini Halloween shoot...)

Last year we just drove him to a few places. This year we let him go door to door with a few houses on our street. He really wasn't too sure, but did like the idea of holding out his bucket. Unfortunately it was raining when we went out, so it was a good thing we weren't going far!! 

Right before bed, he enjoyed going through his bucket and checking out his goods!! He was most excited for the goldfish crackers!! 

Of course the clocks went back Saturday night. But luckily Noah didn't wake up too early!! It was about 7:30 and to be honest it was no problem getting up that early because it still felt like 8:30!! Even when he got up at 6:45, it felt like 7:45! Totally doable! Haha! 

Sunday we made our annual trip to ikea! Yes we tend to only go once or twice a year and when we do... It's expensive. We went with a list... And came home with only 3 things that were on the list, vetoed two things and ended up with a few extras! What did we buy?

- storage totes for the great room (bye bye cord access for Noah and we don't have to look at the cords)
- tunnel and tent for Noah for Christmas - it was adorable watching him play in it at the store! 
- bath mat to match the one I bought last time
- a dresser for Noah in the complete opposite color than we were planning on...
- a new bed for Noah... This was not planned! We have a toddler bed for him, which I bought used and it turns out we just be selling it now! 
- two new mattresses for said bed... 
- a sheet set for the new bed
- a potty for Noah 
- a duvet cover for the bed

That my friends is how you drop a grand at IKEA... I hate that store... Pretty sure this is the second trip in a row where we have bought more than we went for and dropped a grand...

But how cute does Noah look trying his new mattress:

It was also Grandpa's first trip to Ikea!! We stopped for a quick lunch when we finished and it wasn't long before we found this in the back seat! Not sure who Ikea tired out more... Grandpa or Noah??!

Noah did walk the whole store, so rightfully so he was tired! And with the time change, come bedtime he was overdone. So today is going to bed fun... 

But he is loving the new potty!! 

I will do meal planning Monday tomorrow as well, because I have no ideas so far!! 

Happy Monday friends!! 


Lindsey (a running tale) said...

This was the first time change that affected us, in hindsight I should have waited to move her to her bed until after since she now can just get up! GAH.
Love Ikea! I need to go back there once we move, I am being lazy and buying A the matching dresser to her bed and then baby gets her old dresser!

Murdock's mama said...

I can't wait to see his new room! :)


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