Monday, January 4, 2016

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 2015

Christmas this year was 4 days straight of activity!

Christmas Eve day was low key, we baked muffins and cookies, ordered pizza for dinner and attempted to get ready for mass. M ended up getting a fire call for a car accident - not the kind of call anyone wants on a good day, but especially around the holidays. Turns out it was a drunk driver they assume, hit a tree and left the scene by the time they got there, but of course they have to search the area for him to be safe, so he was gone a lot longer than I anticipated.

I got Noah bathed and dressed and was just finishing getting myself ready and M got home just in time to change and off we went into town to church. We ended up being a few minutes late, but weren't too worried.

The service was great, Noah did pretty well, he had a few moments, but the service ran longer than we expected and he was up well past his bedtime, so we just shrugged it off!! We came straight home after church, took our annual Christmas Eve photo and got the little guy off to bed!

This was the best smile we could get, as poor little guy was exhausted!!

While M was putting Noah down, I decided to set the timer on the camera and snap a few photos of my bump with the tree lit behind me! Crazy how blessed I feel with this little one kicking away

Christmas morning started around 8 AM for us and Noah got up just after M's parents arrived around 8:30 AM.

Santa brought Noah the Ikea tent and tunnel and needless to say it was a BIG hit! He was soo excited when he came in the room to see it. He couldn't wait to get in it and was jumping and squealing with excitement and dove right in!

Up next was Gracie's stocking! Noah loved helping her out!

Then is was time for his stocking! He did soo well with opening up each gift and really checking out what he got!

Up next were gifts!

He helped open up the gifts he gave Dad and Grandpa, including this homemade art work he had too much fun making!

A new train that he got for Daddy

Noah picked out Grandpas gift all by himself and apparently it was a good one! Grandpa loves it!

Love these reactions!

Big smiles all around!

I made both Mike's parents and my mom this Grandparents canvas!! I am soo happy with how they turned out - I can hardly believe I made them haha.

We got Noah a teepee - for his room is what we were originally thinking, but it turns out his room is a little too small for this right now. It may be able to go in when we don't need his rocker in there, and to be honest its probably better to not add a sleep distraction when he is doing soo well with going to bed in his new room!

Clearly he loves it and his Grandpa! haha!

Last but not least, Grandma and Grandpa got Noah a new wagon! So Grandpa took Noah and Gracie for a spin around the block to try it out!

For Christmas I got a Fitbit Charge HR, a cricut machine and nursing cover, along with some Christmas decor, casserole dishes, cookie rack, a Pandora photo charm and a few other small things.

M got a smoker, xbox games, cards against humanity, some books, kitchen gadgets and some other small things.

The baby cleaned up well too, which you will see in tomorrows bump date post!

My mom came over in the afternoon and we relaxed for a bit, finished preparing a turkey and goose dinner with all the fixings and we all sat down to a wonderful meal! Mike's parents left just before bath time for Noah and my mom stayed over night! It was a perfect day spent at home and we all really enjoyed ourselves.

I loved seeing Noah's reactions this Christmas! He loved opening presents, playing for a bit, helping everyone else open some gifts and just his overall joy with this season was just amazing to watch! We really are blessed with a wonderful little boy and family!

Since this post is filled with a million photos, I will recap the rest of our weekend later this week! You might just get a full week of blog posts this week!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas, because we sure did!!


Lindsay said...

Looks like a really magical Christmas! xo

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Too funny that both our kids got the Ikea tent and tunnel. My mom made A a teepee so I'm planning to put it in her room once we move.
Sounds like an awesome Christmas, how did it go by so fast?!

Murdock's mama said...

What a fun Christmas! I am SO behind in blogging! :(


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