Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Things

Today come 6 PM marks family vacation mode over in our household! Not that a thing is packed or ready to go, but we are heading out on vacation next week!! So that means things will be quieter around these parts, but I'm hoping to get up a few scheduled posts about some of the current events that have taken place around these parts.

Where are we going? Florida! My Dad and his girlfriend offered to put us up for a week, so we decided we would take them up on it! Of course M would have preferred the Caribean, but being pregnant in my 3rd trimester, I think this will work out better, not to mention I am at least familiar with Florida and we haven't been for quite a few years. Our last family trip as 3! 

On a heavier note, last Friday was Lily's birthday. I thought that maybe if I didn't acknowledge the fact that it wouldn't make my heartache as much as it does. Clearly I was wrong and it just comes down to the fact that despite 5 months passing, I miss her just as much as I did at that point. The holidays were harder and of course her birthday was harder. 

I'm in the process of making a 365 day photo book for Noah and I tear up when I come across a photo of Noah and Lily. I know he won't remember her and doesn't even seem to remember her now and that is soo hard, good for him to not be grieving like I am still, but you don't get good dogs like her all the time. She really was special. 

Speaking of pets, I was able to visit Felix at his new forever home this past week. I know I haven't mentioned much about this and I promise a post coming - hopefully next week. But needless to say my aunt, uncle and cousins love him and he has settled right in. He didn't shy away from me at all and I was able to get in another snuggle! I'm glad he is with a family I know and trust, otherwise I'm not sure he would have went anywhere. It was a hard choice to make to adopt him out, but probably the best for him and our family. 

All of our grow-up purchases that we have had to make this month are in!! We had to buy a new toaster, as ours is starting to burn stuff on the low setting, we needed a new panini press because ours began to smell like burning appliance when we used it and we decided we would finally get new plates, as these ones are just too heavy and take up too much room:

I struggled finding just what we wanted, but in the end it all paid off and we found just what needed!! Here are our new plates:

Now we just need to get new glasses! Crazy we haven't had to replace any of this stuff for 8.5 years! I managed to sell our old plates and have a lady picking those up today! 

What else do I have to share today? I'm really not to sure! I'm dreading packing and trying on clothes all over again and half happy that Florida weather isn't super hot and I can hopefully get away with the maternity clothes I have with the addition of some maxi dresses or skirts! Let's just say I will be packing lightly and clothes will be reworn on this trip! 


Stacy said...

those plates are super heavy and they are hard to fit in some cupboards too! We used to have the same ones. Love the new ones! We just bought new glasses not too long ago but now I have way too many and most are packed away. I don't need 20 freaking glasses out at once!
Have a good trip!

Christy said...

I love new plates! It's so fun to get new stuff! I hope you guys have a blast in Florida and I send you a hug for Lily. It's so hard.

Leigh said...

Hope you guys have a great holiday! I'd love some sun, but wish the dollar was better. Ah well! Love the new dishes too

Murdock's mama said...

SO fun!! There is nothing better than vacation!!! Enjoy!


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