Thursday, January 14, 2016

Friday's Faves

Wow we survived another week and next week is only busier!!

Yesterday Baby V2 and I had a fun mail day and got these in the mail:

The nursing cover is from These Hidden Gems - blog review coming soon and the baby shoes are from Parker and Posie (of course). 

We also had a fun play date with my cousin from out west and her little one, as well as my other cousin and her son and my uncle was down for a visit too!! Look at these two... Soo cute!! 

And the three of them:

It's always a challenge getting them to all look at the camera and smile, so we just went with smiles and not all looking haha.

Noah and I were up super early for the 3rd time this week super early because of Daddy sleeping in past his alarm and his back up alarm on his phone waking everyone up! We were less than impressed...

Got another glimpse of Baby V2 this week and it only made me want time to go by even faster than it already is!!! Look at this face:

And these lips and that nose!! I actually have a pretty much identical picture of Noah like this one:

Tonight is girls night, tomorrow we have a first birthday party and Sunday should be a quiet day before the chaos next week!! Hope everyone has a great weekend!! 


Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Love the nursing cover print!! Noah does not look happy to be up early lol!! I was so excited to find out I get another ultrasound this pregnancy because of my c-section, I cannot wait to see baby again! I love your u/s photo :)

Murdock's mama said...

Fun mail days are some of my favorites!! I love the anticipation! :)


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