Friday, January 8, 2016

New Years Week+End Rewind

Since I have jam-packed this week with a catch up of posts, I will recap our New Years weekend and what has gone down this week today for you. 

M worked until about 3 PM on New Years Eve. On Wednesday last week Noah was having a rough day and to make matters worse, we couldn't find his pacifier in bed, so to bed he went without out it and surprisingly he didn't seem to care! However we have since learned there are repercussions to him not having it which include 30 minute naps and early wake ups in the morning!! So needless to say on New Years Eve, Noah was not up late, but we tried our best to make the best of his early evening with a special tub celebration! He wasn't too sure at first, but then loved it once he saw it was a light in the water and it changed colors!

Once the little guy was in bed, M and I tidied up a bit and I watched the movie The Intern on the box. It was really good!!! M was working on his new smoker and then played some xbox games I'm sure! I went to bed around 11:30, but stayed up in bed and watched the ball drop with M. I was asleep shortly after! 

New Years Day was super laid back in comfy clothes all day long! We really just spent the day as a family, which was nice and low key! We also attempted our first family selfie of the year... I won't tell you how many shots we had to take to get this mediocre one, but it's us. Gracie is only looking because we said who's here and Noah is yelling Grandpa - meanwhile Grandpa is nowhere near being home..

After Noah went tthe bed, I conned M into playing Dice Poker wth me and sure en go I started the year out with a win!! 

Saturday morning M had to run and do a job for a farmer, so he dressed Noah up in his coveralls and off they went, giving me the morning to work on laundry and some other things around the house! 

Saturday late afternoon we had some friends over with thier 3 boys for dinner. M was itching to try out his smoker, so we did up steaks, and roasted potatoes on it and then did green beans and a Cesar salad as well as a fresh loaf of bread we made. J & S brought dessert which included this delicious cheese cake with fruit and cupcakes for the kids. Check out my new dessert plates!! Not that you can see, but they say "have your cake and eat it too".

They left just before we started Noah's bedtime routine, but it was a nice afternoon/evening and dinner was pretty great! 

Sunday morning we baked bran raisin muffins for breakfast, as well as put on another loaf of bread! We worked up in Noah's room hanging shelves and got his laundry put away. 

I ran into town to get some groceries, which was crazy busy - no wonder I don't grocery shop on weekends if it can be helped. 

When Noah went down for his nap, I decided to tackle a little DIY project for book shelves in his room, since I was struggling with finding the right baskets. I had b get this fabric months ago, not sure what I would use it for and then I realized it was perfect for Noah's room. Our theme is Noah's favorite things, so you can expect to see baseball, trucks, tractors, dogs, outdoorsy stuff, boating, etc. I know it sounds crazy, but it's really coming together! 

I'm really proud of how these turned out. I'm not the best sewer, so when they ended up the same size as each other, I was really impressed! I will say the only downfall is the amount of books they hold. I thought it would hold more. So are trying to figure out a way to remedy this. But here they are:

M's parents came over for dinner and of course Noah loved playing with Grandpa! We have to try to get in as much time this month with them before they head south! 

After they left I decided to bake some banana muffins too!! 

Monday was back to work for M. I got the call from the dentist informing me I would need to see the dental surgeon. I ended up with an appointment Tuesday to see the surgeon.

It wasn't the best news, it's still gotta come out sooner than later, but it all has to be cleared by my OB next week. Booking the procedure was super tricky for this month, as we have a lot on the go and are trying to plan vacation for February. But we found a potential date that would give me a week recovery, so once it's all cleared by my OB, we are good to go with that. 

I will say Noah has been a champ this week with his behaviour. He is back to normal, apparently our rough week last week has resulted in a little boy with working listening ears, that and we are past Christmas haha. 

Wednesday night we had dinner at the farm, set up their box, and fit bit and then I worked with my MIL to learn how to do the books and payroll while they were gone. It feels nice to have something to focus on aside from maintaining the family home and Noah! 

Last night was the first night of the 21 day fix for myself and second night for M. I'm hoping to get in 4/5 workouts a week if I can, but even if I get 3 in I'm happy. 

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