Monday, January 18, 2016

Weekend Rewind

Good morning Monday... and more snow....

Our weekend was busy, but great. We spent a lot of time with family! 

Friday night was pretty normal. Noah took a spill off the dining room table/chair and ended up with a goose egg. He climbed up on the table after he was done eating, to which I told him he had to get down. He went to get down, had one foot on the chair and went to put the other one on the the chair and it wasn't there and down he went... We pulled out his boo-boo ice pack and he put it on the top of his head, when really the goose bump was behind his ear... But whatever made him feel better I suppose! Poor guy:

I had girls night Friday night as well, which was nice and low key and not to late luckily!!

Saturday morning Noah slept in until 8 AM! We got some laundry on, a few little chores done, but mostly just playtime with Noah. Oh we did take Noah for a hair cut with M, and it was just about a complete bust. She managed to get it done, but Noah wanted no part in it, no matter what we tried to do to entertain him! M and I don't have kids apps on our phone, but luckily M had YouTube, so we tried a wiggles video or his favorite song... He wasn't having any of it! That afternoon we had a first birthday party to attend for my cousins little guy! We decided to put gel in his hair for the first time, he was a big fan and I must say he looked soo handsome:

Mommy and her babies:

Noah managed about a 20 minute nap in the car and that was about it, so we really weren't sure how the party was going to pan out, but overall he did great with no melt downs!! 

We got home just after 5:30, at which time we said our goodbyes to Felix. There will be more details on this in the coming days, but long story short, my aunt and uncle are doing a one week trial with Felix and if all goes well they will be keeping him! It was sad to see him go, but so far things are going great at his new home! 

We had one of M's employees come over to show him around, as he will be watching the house/pets for us this week when we are away for M's drainage conference! Noah was spun, so just after he left it was bath and bedtime for Noah!! Once he was asleep (he's back to putting himself to sleep on his own for bedtime again- yay) M and I hit up the hot tub! I got caught up on a show on the PVR and went to bed myself after. 

Sunday was a productive day! We managed to get the fridge cleaned out, our bedroom dusted and tidied up, laundry done, worked out and M was smoking a roast beef for dinner. We also had to get a little photo shoot done for a review coming up this week, to which Noah was not wanting to participate... Little bum got quite a few smarties out of us in the process and then outside to play! He did love his new shovel though! 

M's parents came over dinner and it was a really good meal, the roast was very moist and rich! After they left my headache that I had all day was getting worse, I tried everything to make it better and it did get slightly better, but I decided I better go to bed early incase it became a migraine again. Luckily I slept all night and feel much better this morning! 

As much as I dread getting this tooth pulled on Thursday, I am looking forward to eventually being pain free! 

This week is super busy, so hopefully I managed to get my scheduled posts done this week since I didn't get them done last night! 


Murdock's mama said...

I love that last photo! Yay for a girls night! I'm hoping to do one soon, maybe next week! :)

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Poor Noah! A is a walking accident these days!
Can Noah teach A to sleep in?! Potty training ruined any chance of her sleeping in, she now wake up by 6:30am to pee.
I love your top in the photo of you two!
Thursday will go great, do not stress about it, I hate the dentist too so totally get it!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Noah needs a helmet! I can't handle their fearlessness!

Hope your dentist appt goes well this week!

You guys sure had a busy weekend!

Leigh said...

Busy weekend you guys had! Hope Noah's goose egg went away...poor guy! Hope your dentist appointment goes well :)


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