Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Christmas Weekend Rewind

Ok, after this post, Christmas is all caught up! I just have a few posts to get up that I missed out on like Noah's First Birthday and Travelling Home with a Toddler from this summers trip out west!

So I left off our Christmas post with Christmas Day. My Mom had stayed over, so we had a nice quiet morning playing with Noah. We did jump on a few Boxing Day deals like a new external hard drive for M's xbox, a new garbage can for the kitchen, a birthday present for Noah and a few other small things that I either ordered online or had someone else pick up for us, because I hate shopping in crowds!

I took these photos Christmas Eve day and I just absolutely love his expressions and HAD to share:

My MOH from our wedding came over for a visit in the morning which was perfect as usual! Didn't take her long to get in Noah's tunnel and then my Mom too. Noah thought it was quite funny!

And it isn't a visit with Aunt C without a picture!!

I had a nap in the afternoon with Noah, woke up before him so I could do my part of the lemon meringue pie that M started for me and once Noah woke up we headed to my sisters house to celebrate Christmas!

We face-timed with my Dad while the kids opened the presents he had dropped off before he left for Florida. I will say it was weird without him around for the holidays, but I know how much fun he is having Florida and can appreciate that! Thank heavens for Face Time and our weekly phone chats!

Noah really had the hang of opening presents by this point and was happy so find some go-go smart wheels sets which are his current favorite!

Sometimes you have to get right up on the presents to open them!

By the time we finished opening presents the kids were getting a little hangry, hence the non-smiley photo. This was the best we could get and they are all snacking!

We came home just in time to get Noah to bed and just in time for this mama to try her new foot spa!! I will tell you it did not disappoint! I went to bed just before 11:00 PM and ended up with a horrible tooth ache. I ended up staying awake until 3 in pain, then waking up at 4:30 to see if a shower/bath would help relieve it, which it did while I was in the shower. I managed to get some rest from 5-9. I woke up just in time to get ready as my Mom and I were supposed to be meeting my sister to do a little shopping. I will say I was not great company in pain and exhausted.

We may have spent way too long in one store as my mom possibly tried on the whole store... I did get some baskets for Noah's room, but other than that nothing too exciting. We had another family Christmas that afternoon and I was supposed to make taco dip. So I bought the stuff I needed and somehow my sister ended up with my bag. Luckily M's Mom had taco seasoning, so I sent M over to get some while Noah napped. I quickly made the dip, tried to nap again, but my mouth was just throbbing. Everyone who looked at it said it looked like I had cracked or broke off a piece of my wisdom tooth. My Mom showered and got herself ready in the meantime. 

When Noah got up, I quickly got ready, ended up getting sick in the sink from either the pain or gag reflex and then we were off to the family Christmas.

By this time Noah was just Christmas'd out and was happy to head home for a bath and bed:

My Mom left Monday morning after Noah got up and we had a nice, much needed quiet low key day!

By Tuesday the tree was down, as I just wanted the space back and Noah actually started to bother with the tree, which was annoying!

And there you have it - an excellent Christmas 2015 (minus the tooth problem) 


Hilary said...

Ugh, what a bummer that you didn't feel good! I ended up getting a little stomach bug and it just puts such a damper on Christmas! I hope you're feeling better now!!

Stacy said...

did you get the tooth issue semi-fixed or the pain relieved?


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