Sunday, January 10, 2016

Weekend Rewind

Hello winter... it looks like it has actually arrived now and I know I don't actually have a right to complain, you won't see me celebrating it!

Friday night was pretty low key, after Noah was in bed I decided to watch the movie Sisters. I surprised to see a good copy of it on my android box. The movie was alright. with a few twists I was not expecting!

Saturday was gloomy and overcast with rain off and on, but in positive temps, so it melted a lot of snow before we got dumped on last night. M and I decided that this would be the day we went to make adult decisions and purchase a new toaster, dish set and panini press. M's Mom volunteered to baby sit, so it was just M and I and believe it or not, we came back almost empty handed... we did by a new griddle. Can I just say that for the price of toasters these days, I would expect the toaster to bake or butter the bread too! We had lunch at the farm and then came home for Noah's nap time. M started up the smoker and put on a pork roast and I worked on laundry.

Around 4:00, our neighbour was able to come over and help M swap the couches, moving the big one from the basement back upstairs and the brown one back downstairs. He refused to let me help, but we were able to clean the floors under the couch and what not, so that made me happy. Can I just say how much I missed this couch!! Happy prego over here in comfort now!

Dinner turned out great and M went on and on about how good the roast was - it was super moist and tender, but a bit spicy for me.

Saturday night we decided to do a little date night, but just before that was about to start, I realized I forgot to take a picture of Noah! He literally has at least one photo a day for his whole life and I couldn't let it slide with not getting one, so I snuck upstairs and snapped a pic!

After that we headed out to the hot tub, as the weather was perfect and mild for it and M had the temp turned down for me so that it was safe for me and the baby. It was such an amazing 15 minutes just relaxing and feeling weightless!

After that I made some homemade chocolate milk shakes and a match of dominos.

Sadly M won. But it was fun date night in and I was in bed by just after 11:00.

Yesterday morning started off rainy, which was fine with me since I had made a to-do list for us to complete. We are all caught up on laundry washed, folded and put away! Not only that, but we moved the washer and dryer out to clean behind them - not sure why I was soo focused on this task, but I was and I feel soo good knowing it is done! Let the crazy nesting begin?

Noah thought he would try on M's boots which were thigh high on him! Silly kid!

For lunch we had homemade waffles with berries and yogurt.

Noah was super tired come nap time, but I soaked in a few snuggles first! Check out these tired eyes:

We wanted to get in our work out while Noah was napping, but first we tackled a little DIY project for the nursery - the lampshade, which we screwed up, but I am hoping to salvage that project in one way or another this week.

Up next was our work out, which Noah woke up during the middle of it and was super grumpy! Luckily we were able to get it finished, but we did not get around to cleaning the fridge out.

We put away laundry and then headed to the farm for our family dinner. Noah absolutely loves having ice cream with Grandpa! I love that it is their special thing and he gets so excited about it!

Luckily we didn't have far to go when it came to coming home because the roads were not pretty and it was pretty much a full on snow storm.

Luckily today we are just heading down to play group this morning and then have a nice quiet day ahead!


ShannonJMc27 said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend! Nothing beats a comfy couch when you're pregnant :)

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I hear you on toasters, we had to get a new one this summer and I ended up buying one at Costco, but it was still $80 I think! I could use a hot tub these days, I am so sore all the time!
I hear you on nesting! I am so antsy to move and organize the new house. I remember when I was pregnant with A I made Chad do crazy things in my nesting phase.

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Haha yes - toasters are so pricey!! I try and only buy those things from costco now since you can return anything there! We had bought a toaster oven from there, and after almost two years, the oven part stopped working so we took it back and then refunded us completely without even looking at it! So then we just picked out a regular toaster from them, lol.

That picture of Noah sleeping is SO sweet! And Sully loves putting on our shoes in the house all the time now too, lol.

Kristina said...

I must admit I love rainy weekends when I can spend them in pajamas! It was gloomy and rainy here on Sunday so we just relaxed! Those waffles look so yummy!

purpun said...

Your incredibly domestic weekend is making me itch to get up and do things around the house! So awesome.

We're lucky ot still be using our toaster given as a wedding gift over four years ago. It's got a huge dent in it but has somehow survived two moves and a lot of toasting!

Love that sectional couch! It's my dream to get one if we can ever figure out where it would fit in our pre-TV-set-era living room.


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