Monday, January 25, 2016

Weekend Rewind

Hello Monday!! So apparently blogger was awesome enough to delete all the words with this post... So I am writing this for the second time this morning, which just tops off our morning around here. 

Our weekend was filled with fun and family! Saturday morning started off with Mr. Noah actually having a say in his outfit for the day. Apparently the shirt I picked out was not acceptable in his eyes and he refused to put his pants on until that shirt was off. When I gave him some other options for shirts he didn't want those either and ended up picking out his own shirt! Apparently he has his own sense of style. M and I were laughing so hard, which probably didn't help matters. 

We headed to the farm to celebrate Noah's 2nd birthday with Grandma and Grandpa a few weeks early since they are away on his actual birthday. So we gave him our group gift out in the shop. We had it covered with a sheet. He wasn't too sure at first, but it didn't take him long to climb in! He loves that the radio turns on and off and the mirrors are adjustable. He also had to try the tailgate too and climb back there! 

Look at that smile!!! It lights up my whole world!!

He slowly made his way to the drivers side.

And by the end of the morning, he was driving by himself, however he needs to grow just a little bit more in length and work on his steering, but it will come with time and practice!!

Yes, we did buy a used one in the summer, and that one will be coming to the farm for him to ride around on and this one will be coming to our house.

We enjoyed a nice simple lunch with cupcakes for dessert. Crazy how excited he is for cake now. We played for a bit before coming home for nap time, which I also partook in. 

After nap time we headed to my sisters for Brandon's birthday dinner. Two birthday celebrations in one day! He was in busy boy! Today is Brandon's actual birthday! 4 years... Where does time go?? 

After dinner and cake we headed to Walmart and then home, so needless to say Noah went to bed late! 

Sunday morning he was up by 7 AM, luckily I was able to sleep in until 8:30! When I got up we started our baking right away. We started with banana chocolate chip muffins, carrot spice muffins and raisin bran muffins. Our little helper was pretty stinkin' cute I must say! 

The rest of our day was spent tidying up, doing laundry, playing, and we made a big batch of sliced carrots for the freezer. During Noah's nap M and I hit up the hot tub and then I hopped in the shower 
right after. After nap time Noah, Gracie and Daddy headed to the park to play! Apparently it was fun and smiles until he took a face plant on the way home and ended up with a bloody lip.

This morning we heard Noah fall out of his bed, he whimpered a bit, but climbed back in bed and went to sleep. M went up to make sure he was okay and he didn't seemed phased by it at all. M however was not a happy camper about being awake at 1 AM and had a melt down when he came down thinking nothing happened... Nothing better than grumpy men at 1 AM?? 

Then to make matters worse... He woke the whole house up at 6 AM again with his stupid alarm and then was dropping stuff after that. So clearly he is having a Monday and therefor all of us are too... Men...


Murdock's mama said...

Looks like a perfect weekend {until this morning!} ;)

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

That is a busy weekend! We had one party and that was enough for me lol. Oh and that is Avery too, she has to have a choice of her outfit every single day. Or else... He looks so pleased in his new truck! There is something about toddlers and cake, A is obsessed too!
Hope you guys get some more rest today!

Leigh said...

Noah is so cute in his new car! What a fun gift :)


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