Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday Things

So originally I was going to post a review for some super adorable hats, however, my computer was taking too long to load the pics, and I didn't have enough patience to wait, so I will quickly recap our little staycation. Next week I will tell you about having my wisdom pulled... As I am currently in recovery mode.

We had the annual drainage conference to attend again this year, which is only about an hour away, but it is just easier to stay over since it involves a few late nights and it makes for a nice little staycation! 

Tuesday we packed up and headed out, Noah decided he was not going to nap during the car-ride, so after two stops (old navy and the hospital to pick up a script) he was done. We got to the hotel and all checked in by 2:30 and it didn't take us long to head to the pool!! 

He was a bit nervous of the pool at first, but quickly remembered what it was all about and was jumping in, swimming on his own again and asking Daddy to throw him one more time! 

Around 5, M went and picked up my Mom, who just lives around the corner, as well as some dinner for Mom and Noah and by the time he was back, I was all ready to go to our first dinner out of the week. It was at the hotel this year, which was nice! Here we are all spiffed up:

Part way through the evening - after dinner, I went back to the room to see how Mom was making out with getting Noah to bed and this is what I found:

However when we got back to our room and after M took Mom home, I ended up with a toothache from hell, which was really hard to manage when sharing a room with a toddler. I ended up being up until 3 AM, and Noah was being woken up by parties in the hall until 2:30... So needless to say our night was very rough!! 

After breakfast I skipped the ladies program in the morning and took this little fish swimming again. He was a big fan and wasn't shy of the water at all! Look at his little housecoat!! 

I dropped Noah off with Daddy to have lunch with him and Grandpa and I enjoyed a nice peaceful lunch with the ladies program! They had spa services come in the afternoon and I had signed up for a pedicure: 

It was nice to get a little pampering in! I came back to my room to find that Grandma had gotten Noah down for a nap, so then I was able to rest for about half an hour! 

The guys program finished by 4, so they decided to take Noah swimming, which gave me time to get my hair straightened! 

M went to pick up my mom and I ordered room service for dinner for the two of them. And then I finished getting myself ready! All set:

And all ready for date night numero deux: 

We had a fantastic dinner and the entertainer was Mat Gautier and he was really good with parodies/music and comedy. We really enjoyed the show. Luckily it wasn't too late of a night for my mom and M ran her back home around 11.

Everyone slept much better that night as well!! Thank goodness!! M had a few things to attend in the morning, so Grandma, Noah and I decided to hit up the hotel restaurant for breakfast! Noah was a champ and was offered ice cream for dessert after breakfast:

Clearly he couldn't pass that up and he even got sprinkles (for the first time). We headed to Costco before picking up M and heading home and that is when the daunting time was catching up on me to get this wisdom tooth pulled. 

But like I said I will touch base on that next week, along with the product review I can't wait to share!! 


Lindsey (a running tale) said...

What a great little get away and I love that grey dress!
I hope you are not in too much pain :( I drank a lot of chocolate milk after my dental surgery lol.

Murdock's mama said...

Super fun get sounded perfect! Now I want to book our family for a little staycation!


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