Monday, February 1, 2016

Weekend Rewind

Hello February!!!

Can we believe we are already into the 2nd month of the new year?? January just flew on by! Crazy to think only 2 more months till this baby is due!! Wow. 

I think this month I will focus on getting ready!! 

Our weekend was fun, but my Friday was not. It did not go as planned whatsoever. I decided that I would take Noah out to run a couple of errands, as cabin fever was setting in. After getting us both ready to go and Noah was actually co-operating, I realized his boots were not his boots! Turns out when Grandma took him to library on Wednesday they ended up with wrong pair when they came home. Not a big deal, however these boots were simply too big for Noah's feet and he kept tripping and they would fall off. So I took a minute to attempt to deal with that. I decided we would still go, so I carried Noah out to the car, got him buckled in his seat, cleaned off my car and sure enough the damn thing wouldn't start! I was less than impressed to say the least - okay that was an understatement. Noah and I were both pissed off. It's not even like I could just him play outside either because of the boots!

Noah was crying, I'm pretty sure I started crying out of frustration, so we made cookies and watched tv and spent the day trying to track down his boots. By 9:30 that night we found our boots and we went to pick them up on Saturday morning. When M got home from work I ran into town to run the errands on my own and I bought myself some roll ice cream for my troubles! 

Saturday morning we ran into town to the bank and Walmart and then tidied up the house a bit, packed a bit and then napped a bit!! 

Best wake up call:

M's parents came over dinner and ice cream, as they were leaving on vacation the next morning and needed to get in Noah time! 

Clearly the ice cream was enjoyed!

Sunday morning M took his parents to the airport and Noah and I hung out! When M got home we decided we better get packing. Noah thought sitting in his suitcase was fun, as well as throwing out all the socks, which was just humerous because if you knew my kid, you would know he hates socks.

I worked on laundry as the boys and Grace went outside to build a snowman. It was a warm day and looking at the forecast for the week, we knew the snow wouldn't be sticking, so just incase we don't get enough for the rest of winter, Noah had to build his first snowman!! 

Needless to say we have no snow today and the snowman is headless and looking pretty sad! 

Otherwise yesterday was pretty low key. 

Today we are tying up the loose packing ends. I had to scramble to get shorts for Noah, as his 18 month ones from last summer were a little too snug! I lucked out and picked up some gently used ones for a good price today. 

Hope everyone has a great week. I have posts scheduled for while I am away. I'm sure we will have pics going up on Instagram while we are away, so you can keep up with us there or wait for the recap! 

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Katie said...

i hate mornings like that!! especially once you actually get yourselves out of the house!


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