Monday, February 22, 2016

Weekend Rewind

Wow, another weekend zoomed on by and it was nothing short of fun fun fun! 

Friday night was low key. I ran into town to get a few groceries and cake supplies and came home to a child-free hour since M took Noah out with him to do running around. M came home, got Noah ready for bed and then in bed and headed back out to finish running his errands, aka socializing haha. Pretty sure I was in bed by 10:30.

Saturday morning involved a sleep in for me, even though I didn't wake up feeling rested after trying a new pregnancy pillow that I officially hate. I headed up to the nursery and took down all the wall decor so we could see any holes needing to be patched and went through a few bins. Fingers crossed next weekend I get the baby clothes freshly laundered and put away. M and Noah went outside for a bit,  managed to finally get the Christmas decor down from outside. 

Saturday afternoon I decided to take advantage of our double digit temps and sunshine and hit up the hot tub for some vitamin D! 

Gracie enjoyed laying on the grass since the snow miraculously melted overnight!! Love warm days in February and I'm soo ready to be done with winter and snow and bring on spring!! 

I made Noah's cupcakes and my Mom showed up just in time to help tame our wild child... He was just hopping from one thing to the next... A little reading one minute...

Cleaning the next, which I will never complain about! 

He had a melt down when M left to help set up for the firemans wing night, which set off a huge red flag for when I was going to leave. Ever since Florida Noah has had some huge separation anxiety issues. When it came time for me to leave he had a huge melt down, blocked the door, hugged my leg, turned down my bribes of peppa pig and smarties, etc. It was horrible and there is nothing worse than leaving your child soo upset. I finally made it out the door, forgetting my ticket on the fridge... Which I wasn't going back for. I drove around the block for about 5 minutes and called the house to see if it was safe for me to goto the wing night. He had just stopped crying, so off I went! It was fun! Even with M being there, it ended up being more of a girls night out for me because M was busy helping. This baby loved the music and dancing, but I will tell you the amount of Braxton and Hicks I felt that night was insane!! I feel like my belly was constantly tight and I did feel soo uncomfortable. 

Believe it or not I made it right till the end and didn't get to bed until after 1:30 AM!! I am still paying for this now! Soo tired and my body is just feeling rested after sleep these days. Noah had a great night with my Mom, which was good to hear despite the rough start. M popped home to put him to bed and brought my Mom some wings. 

Sunday morning despite wanting to keep on sleeping, I was up by 9, knowing I had my sisters fam coming over around 10. I had to vacuum yet again because Gracie is shedding like a beast these days with the weather bouncing back and forth. I also had to get the cupcakes iced!! I decided to do peppa pig cupcakes, granted they ended up looking like pigs, not exactly peppa, but Noah got the idea! 

I decided to try to use up all my icing and ended up with these swirl cupcakes as well!! 

Needless to say we had a great morning with family, it was nice and quiet and peaceful, the kids all played well and was great quality time!

Noah loved his gifts as well! He got the IKEA train sets, a fish to swim in the bath tub (but it didn't work, so we will exchange that on Friday), he got a Gordan track master train and a bus! He loved all of it and enjoyed playing the day away with them all! 

His reactions were just the best this year and I'm kind of sad that the birthday celebrations are done because this year he really just enjoyed it all! 

We did grilled cheese for lunch (Noah's request of course) and everyone left just shortly after 1, just intime for Noah to have a nap - oh and me too!! 

Noah just played the afternoon and evening away with his new toys:

We took advantage of a Sunday Family Selfie. Squinty, tired eyes for this mama!! 

He found a way to p,any with all his new toys at once!

He also tried to play with the fishy that didn't work! Hopefully he forgets about it until we can replace it! It is supposed to swim around in the tub with him! 

And there you have it! We are back to Monday! Hope everyone had a great weekend!! 


Jen Linton said...

Happy belated to Noah!

Murdock's mama said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend! :)

P!nky said...

Super cute cupcakes, lady! Happy belated NOAH!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

The hot tub photo made me so jealous!! haha. I am so ready for spring. Those cupcakes are awesome, I am happy to just make icing look decent on ones I make!


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