Thursday, February 11, 2016

Thursday Things

We are home sweet home now and had a fantastic trip! The weather was great for the first half of the week and cool for the second half! I have a full recap put into two posts, and I am hoping to get part 1 up tomorrow, I just have to add photos still! I can't wait to share my mega deals with you!!

Including this guys John deer tractor booster seat he picked out all on his own for less than $10!! 

It does feel great to be home, although a certain little toddler is going to have a reality check I think. It appears the boundary stage has begun - I hate to call it terrible twos, because really he is just learning his boundaries and it is 100% normal and healthy.

However I need to find a way to cope because my buttons are being pushed like crazy with tantrums that I cannot seem to get him through quickly. I've tried letting him cry it out, which he just doesn't stop crying and ends up hyperventilating, I've tried ignoring him, talking him through with understanding and a few other ways with no such luck. He ends up getting more frustrated and can't communicate clear enough with what his problem is. He also learned the word no while we were away, which is a whole new bucket of fun as well. Toddlers... Any ideas?? How do you deal with tantrums?? 

I'm soo looking forward to getting organized back at home. Even though I hate unpacking, it feels good to put everything away and get back into routine. 

I am also looking forward to getting up into the nursery to start getting it ready. I started sorting through clothes last night. I went through some hand me downs from my sister and have a bin ready to be washed if it's a girl. I am going to pull all the gender neutral stuff, wash it and put it in the drawers and have the boy stuff organized in a tote to be pulled out if it is a boy as well. I need to get the frames ready in the nursery because they still have Noah's pictures in them. 

I may as well just make myself a list lol.

Crazy to think this weekend we are celebrating Noah's birthday. We are just going to do our own little thing on his actual birthday (Tuesday), but I am going to attempt to make Noah a tractor cake! The following weekend my Mom is coming down to babysit, so on the Sunday before she leaves I will have my sisters little family over and we will do a little lunch party before Mom heads back home. 

This weekend we have Hannah's birthday - which is actually tomorrow, but we have dinner Saturday night and then I have a baby shower to attend for my cousin on Sunday. I think I might pick up some balloons for Noah too. 

Hopefully everyone has a great long weekend!! 


Murdock's mama said...

Welcome home! Can't wait to hear about the trip! ;)

Stacy said...

Tanner will be 4 next week and he has tantrums - except he puts himself in time out but he will continue to scream and cry until he's done, sometimes its an hour. I will go down and calmly talk to him and you can't even level with him - he has a one track mind and hes mad, so leave him alone. Once its over, he's fine, like nothing happened and it pisses me off! Good luck!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Welcome home!!
Avery had a period in the fall-December with tantrums and we used time outs. She is much better now that she talks non stop and we remind her to use her words when she is upset because if not we cannot help understand the problem.
I am glad I am not the only one that has not done much in the nursery at this point!


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