Wednesday, February 24, 2016

What's Up Wednesday

Today I am trying a new link up I found some other bloggers doing that I thought looked like fun and it's been forever since I've done a link up of any sort!! You can find this one over on Mix and Match Family

What we are eating this week?? 
Dinners around these parts are literally just being thrown together. I'm not wanting big meals at all right now. Meal planning has been out the window and we need to get back on track. 
Tonight is chicken with something... Lol we have chicken out and we haven't decided what we are doing with it. 
Last night was pork chops, potatoes and green beans and Monday was taco salad. 
I think we need to find some new favorite recipes to start incorporating! 

What I'm remininicing about?
I'm still getting over the fact that I have a two year old now! Where did time go? The fact that we will be bringing another itty bitty baby into our world soo soon leaves me reflecting on the new born pictures that I took of Noah! Something I will treasure forever!! 

What I'm Loving?
I was loving our weather we were getting, but today we are getting a storm that involves ice and snow and the future forecast looks like more snow, even though we just got rid of it all!! 
I am also loving that M is starting work at 8 for a bit, giving the mama sleep ins. Luckily Noah is back on his normal schedule, getting up between 7/7:30 AM, so I am loving that too!! 

What we've been to?
Yesterday we hit up the park for some fun! 

Otherwise we just finished celebrating the little mans second birthday!! 

What I Am Dreading? 
This winter storm and snowy forecast! Even though our winter really hasn't been that bad, I am over it!! 

What I am working on?
Getting the nursery ready! Crazy to think my nursery was already done by this time with Noah! I'm 
also hoping to pull out my Cricut and try making some onesies! I have a sewing project I need to complete too!! 

What I am excited about? 
Seeing Baby V2 again on Friday and getting our c-section date hopefully! 

What I am Watching?
The Bachelor, Chicago Fire/Med/PD, Law and Order SVU, Grey's. I am also looking forward to watching the NetFlix series of Fuller House!! 

What I am listening to?
Country music. Luke Bryan will never get old, but mainly just the country radio station! 

What I am wearing? 
Maternity clothes when I have to go out:

Otherwise it's pjs or comfy clothes at home and if we are being completely honest my belly is most often peeking out the bottom of my shirts.

What we are doing this weekend?
Attempting to potty train Noah!! Noah has been pooping on the potty consistently since before Christmas, with the exception of vacation. He will also pee on the potty, but that is the part that is not consistent, so we are going to give it a go! 

What I am looking forward to next month?
Being ready for baby! Possibly meeting baby even! Otherwise we have very little plans next plans, aside from prepping for baby!

What else is new?
Not a heck of a lot! We are in the home stretch, so my main focus is getting ready for baby, trying to be comfortable and spend lots of quality time with my little family before we add the littlest V! 

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Sarah Shaneyfelt said...

Good luck potty training haha! I've heard lots of stories from friends and they always make me laugh...them--not so much ha!
Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts


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