Friday, February 12, 2016

Florida Vacay 2016 - Part 1

Tuesday morning started off super early 5:30 for us and 6 for the little man, we made it to the airport in good time and left our car with valet. We shuttled over to the airport and managed to skip the long security line, thanks to the family line - smartest airport decision ever. However the American customs line was not so nice or kid friendly, but Noah was a trooper. We made it to our gate with about 25 minutes to spare before boarding. Noah loved seeing all the airplanes and pointed them all out!!! Crazy the difference 6 months makes as far as his interests go since he last flew.

Noah was great on the plane and ended up with his own seat, which was super convienent. The flight was pretty seamless, aside from the dog that barked and cried the whole flight in the seat in front of us!  

We ended up with a damn Jeep Renegade... Not what I would call an SUV... It was so small! I don't know how M and I end up a Jeep everywhere we go, but we are not Jeep fans - they are not vehicles for tall people. 

They are also not very accommodating for children, being as Noah managed to open his door while we were on the interstate. 

We drove about an hour and a half south of Orlando to Sebring. When we arrived we pretty much headed right to the pool to please our child whose patience was beginning to run out, understandingly so after a long day of him behaving so well and only a 20 minute nap. He was pretty excited to see Grandpa and Cindy. 

The weather was beautiful when we arrived and the pool temp was nothing to complain about!!

Noah toured around as we got settled and we enjoyed some dinner before getting Noah off to bed! Cindy and I hit up the grocery store, so I could get some essentials for Noah! Noah's first night started off well, however he woke up at 3:30 AM and then again at 6:00 AM. 

Wednesday we went for some walks and tours on the golf cart. 

M and my Dad went on an airboat ride in the afternoon, and I managed to get Noah down for a nap without rocking him- mommy win!! While he slept, I layed out in the sun!! 

Noah woke up just before the guys arrived back and we decided to head to the pool for a swim!!

Trying with no puddle jumper! He did so well!!! 

Of course on the way home the cart battery died... Dad has been having trouble with this, so the boys pushed while Noah and I steered:
This was taken after M mooned the retirement village when his shorts fell down!! 

 That evening Cindy and I ran out to the mall for a little shopping! Noah managed to put himself to bed, but woke up at 1 AM, we managed to get him back to sleep, but man is it a challenge to keep him quiet when sharing a house with others. 

Thursday morning Cindy, M, Noah and I managed to go do a little shopping and got some really great deals. Noah won't be needing pjs for the next few sizes!! I also managed to get a new pair of maternity jeans! We also hit up Walmart where I found my favorite candy and remembered to buy some of the sports bras I loved for nursing!! 

We came home for lunch and then Cindy and I met up with one of Cindy's friends and had a little girls shopping trip for the afternoon and I did really well with deals and shirts for myself that will work now and post baby!! I also managed to get some baby items, stuff for Noah and M! While we were gone Noah napped and then the boys all went swimming. 

My savings of over $300!! Great deals!! 

The boys trying on thier matching shirts:

This day was a rough one for Noah, he was just grumpy and as much as I didn't want to have to pull the time outs on vacation, we did a few and he luckily changed his tune quickly. He also learned the word "no" on this trip which is just a bundle of fun. We thought it was humerous at first, but our view is quickly changing as he has begun to understand the proper way to use it. 

We went to my favorite restaurant Chili's for dinner and although it wasn't the best service, I still enjoyed your favorite foods and so did Noah!! 

After Noah went to bed we took on our first round of dominos.

We decided we would do a guys vs. girls and although the guys scores combined were better, I still won the game with the lowest score, but it meant the guys won round one. 

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