Friday, February 19, 2016

Family Day Weekend/Birthday Week Rewind

Clearly I should have typed this up closer to the weekend because I am drawing a blank on Friday night!

So moving on to Saturday - we had a nice low key morning. Noah colored a picture for Hannah's birthday with M. I managed to get some much needed work done up into he nursery!! 

I attempted to color my hair to be rid of the blonde, but it really just toned the blonde down, which is fine, enough of a change, as I was really getting tired of the blonde. When Noah woke up from nap we headed to my sisters to celebrate Hannah's birthday! 

Love how much fun these two have together!! They are both just the best of buddies when we get together! Hannah is like a mother hen with him and Noah is just in love with her and calls her "Haha".

My cousin sent me his pic of my sister and I when we were little. I think it's safe to say we have little twins:

I was thinking Noah was starting to look more like M, but then I saw this and realized he is still my little double! He definitely still has his moments when he looks like M for sure though! He's just a good mix! 

Sunday morning we did some Valentine baking - of course Noah managed to eat two halves of a heart cookie dough... Little bum! 

We all went up to the nursery to rearrange the furniture, which Noah thought was fun! I love that it 
has provided enough of a change to make me feel like nursery is "new", however it also means we need to switch around the wall art and rearrange how I'm going to have the walls displayed now. But it will be fun! 

Sunday afternoon I had a baby shower to attend for my cousin, who if due a few weeks ahead of me! I also stopped and picked up a tractor cake pan to rent for Noah's birthday cake. I stopped at the grocery store to grab milk before going home.

M made a nice roast beef dinner for us. We had attempted a loaf of bread in the crockpot that I found on Facebook and it did work, it just didn't taste that great... We will stick to our bread maker! My little ham and I:

Monday we headed to the farm to clean out my car and transfer stuff to my new vehicle - a Ford Flex! Much more room to get everyone around. Now we just have get my Pontiac Torrent up for sale! Here's Noah jamming in his truck to Luke Bryan on the radio, he did much better with driving it this time!!

We are officially a Ford family now! Noah also wanted to help check my tires for air:

Such a little helper!! After lunch Noah went down for his nap and we decided to set up one of his birthday presents for him a bit early so he could play with it on his birthday! We got him a CAT train set and he loves it! Unfortunately there is no picture, just s video that I don't know how to post without uploading it to YouTube!

The afternoon was spent playing! We had an easy dinner of eggs. I also got Noah's cake baked and the icing colored! 

My baby went to bed a 1 year old: 

And woke up as a 2 year old!! 

He had a great day - including a sleep in, no melt downs and lots of fun with his new train!! Whenever someone called and sang Happy Birthday to him he would say "where's the cake" and followed that up with "with Daddy" because I kept telling him we had to wait to have cake with Daddy after dinner! 

During naptime I got Noah's cake decorated! It only made we want to take a course even more on cake decorating! It was nothing fancy, I only used a knife to ice it instead of my cake decorators, but I am happy with how it turned out:

M brought home Swiss Chalet for dinner which was delicious and Noah was a huge fan! But his reaction to the cake was ultimately the best!! 

He as truly just amazed with the cake and was soo happy it was a tractor:

It *may have* made me tear up seeing the excitement and wonder in his face! How is my baby 2?? 

Then we had one more birthday present to give him and he was pretty excited about that too:

Noah and Daddy built it before bedtime and he got to play with it a little before it was time to get ready for bed and read On The Night You Were Born as a family:

I love that this one of his favorite books!! 

Another sleep in - it appears that Noah is back on his normal schedule now! He was soo excited to come down and play with his new go go smart wheels set!! He was going back and forth between the train set we moved to the basement and coming up to play with this!! Soo cute! 

We headed to library and stopped at the post office to find 4 packages ready to pick up, once being addressed to Noah!! 

He loved his gift from Audrey and Leo! Thank you Nicole!!! Once again a video accompanied the gift... It is on Instagram, but I don't know how to upload video easily! 

It was a pretty low key day yesterday which was nice and now we are gearing up for more birthday fun this weekend!! 

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Noah looks SO much like you as a kid!! A looks nothing like me, haha. The cake turned out great, I am not a cake decorator at all, so never even attempt it!


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