Monday, February 29, 2016

Weekend Rewind

Happy Leap Day!!

A long weekend for us, as it was potty training weekend for Noah, on top of having an OB appointment Friday that M and Noah tagged along for! So we will rewind all the way back to Friday morning:

We left the house by 9, after Noah helped me dry my hair:

We hit up Costco first, then headed to Toys R Us to return a humidifier and the fish Noah got for his birthday because he didn't charge. We managed to replace both things and I'm happy to say they both work! We also left with a new ball and the little people's airplane - which we will give Noah as a big prize after successful potty training. 

The dollar store was next to gather prizes and supplies for potty training! I also bought myself an adult colouring book, since Noah is taking more interest in coloring lately. We grabbed some lunch, stopped at my moms quick and then headed to the hospital. I had an ultrasound first, which was fun seeing the baby again, it was also neat seeing Noah's reaction to the baby on the screen! He insisted it was a girl and was sure to tell anyone else we saw that day! The doctor was next - more on my appointment in this weeks bump date. Then we headed home, ended up having to drive around a bit since someone fell asleep later than planned and we hoped for him to get in at least half an hour! 

First things first, check out the new book he picked out at Costco:

Then we had to watch the fishy swim in the sink and before we put him away until bath time, he had to give him a kiss:

The rest of the afternoon we just focused on playing and family time! When it came to bedtime, this little guy was soo excited to have a tub with his new fish! 

After he went to bed, I decided that I would head out to lens mills and get the fabric I needed for a few projects coming up. I also hit up the grocery store. Apparently my phone was on silent and M thought I was gone to long, forgetting I wasn't just grocery shopping and began to get worried. I walk in the house for him to tell me he reset my Apple ID because he couldn't remember my password and wanted to track me down to make sure I was okay. 

I watched a few episodes of Fuller House and went to bed! 

Saturday was all about potty training, I managed to get some house work done, got the baby clothes soaked and laundered and then during naptime I finally made my valances for the kitchen window and foyer door while watching more Fuller House. 

We had homemade pizzas for dinner which were delicious, thanks to our serious little chef:

After Noah went to bed, I needed out of the house, so I took Gracie for a nice walk. When we got home, I folded some laundry and watched more Fuller House - I'm kind of torn on whether or not I like it. I mean I liked the show as a child and now I'm watching it as an adult, so clearly it's a different experience, but I mean I keep on watching more, so I must not hate it.

Sunday morning was an early start thanks to potty training, but we will take it. So I managed to get all the baby clothes washed and put away in the nursery, M muddled the wall in the nursery, and I generally just got more things put away and organized, but there is still soo much more to do. 

Clearly we had no plans this weekend because of the potty training, and despite my to-do list ever growing, we were really limited as to what we could tackle while Noah was awake, as we were giving him our fullest attention. During naptime though we managed to rearrange the great room and put the fireplace back in storage, since I'm pretty sure the coldest days of winter have passed. Our two week forecast looks pretty amazing. 

When Noah woke up, we decided to take advantage of the amazing weather (14 degrees) and played outside for a bit. I sent the boys and Grace out ahead of me so I could get the floors washed with ease and started some laundry before heading out! We were outside one minute too long and ended up with an accident, but he did really well and we all just needed some fresh air. It's hard to let these days pass us by without taking advantage of them. 

That pretty much sums up the "weekend", even though today we are on Day 3 of the Potty training. It has been a good family time project, which I find myself craving more of before this baby comes. Wish us luck today, every day has been better, I don't know that he will be 100% trained by today, but we are soo much closer and will keep it up, as he is doing well with it. I think part of it is that he just turned two, however he was queuing he was ready, so I don't regret trying now despite the negative comments people have given us for doing this "too soon". I've just gone into it all with the mindset of if it works, great, if not, he's only 2! But we are pretty committed now and I don't see is going back to diapers anytime soon! Each day is better and overall he is happier out of diapers. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!


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