Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Happy 2nd Birthday Noah

And just like that my baby is 2!!! Wow time flies when you are having fun!!! Granted our birthday celebrations are minimal this year, simply because they can be, but we are still celebrating nonetheless.

We celebrated with M's parents before they left for holidays and yesterday we gave Noah his train set so he could play with it on his actual birthday all set up. We plan to pick up Swiss Chalet for dinner and I tried my hand at making Noah a tractor cake, which I will let you know by the end of the week how that turned out! The cake is made, but I still have yet to ice it during naptime today!

This coming weekend we will celebrate with my sisters fam jam and my mom on Sunday with just a small 10-1 little luncheon serving Noah's favorite - "grilled cheese please".

Yes, I could go on and on about how crazy it that my baby is two, but instead I thought I would update with where we are at with an update post like we used to do monthly before he was a year!! 

Noah is weighing around 33 pounds. He is a great eater and is seldomly picky aside from when he is teething! He is always eager to try something new - he gets that from his Daddy! We have learned that he does not like olives, turnip, lettuce is hit and miss, and he is usually good with meat and eggs, but some times decides against it! He tends to react to pineapple so far that we have noticed with a rash around his lips, but if it is cooked then there is no reaction.

Noah drinks 1 cup of milk a day, enjoys apple juice with water and just plain old water. His new thing is dip for everything if possible whether the dip be yogurt (with pickles - yuck), applesauce or even a squeeze tube of veggies! Noah enjoys feeding himself 100% and especially loves the new utensils we got him for Christmas! He is pretty good at drinking out of a regular cup with supervision, but otherwise we will use the contigo kids water bottles or the munchkin miracle 360 cups - our favorite! 

Noah is one tall boy - wouldn't you be concerned if he wasn't with tall parents like us?? His height is sitting at just over 3 feet!

Clothing-wise we are in size 2T for the most part, but just yesterday I found a few 2T items that are too short in length for him, yet 3T is a bit big, so we are just starting go mix it up. Noah is just starting to get the urge to pick out his clothes and has a say in what he will or will not wear! He wears a size 5 in diapers and could go to a size 6, however within the next couple weeks we are going to give potty training a go! 

Aside from on vacation, we have not changed a poopy diaper since well before Christmas. Noah has self-trained himself and tells us when he has to go for the most part or queues when he has to go. He will pee on the potty as well at different times, but there is no consistency. We do feel that he is capable and we are really just following his lead, so we are going to give it a go! If it works, great! If not, he's only 2!! 

Noah's language is unfolding like crazy! He is actually using sentences and said "Gracie, on your bed" just the other day which made me laugh! Clearly he hears me say that often! He will also say "I love you" and uses his manners on his own with "please" and "thank you", which makes my heart swell - nothing like a little boy with manners!! He is picking words up so easily including "Gracie" and his vocabulary is growing at rapid speed. He will point out airplanes and birds in the sky, train bridges and train tracks, various vehicles. All the tractors he sees are Grandpa's. 

Overall his temperment is pretty chill, although I think it's safe to say we have entered the "two's" when everything becomes a challenge! The word "no" is said often on both of our parts. When he gets mad he is working on his temper and goes from either extreme tantrum or hitting - I hate the hitting, even if he's not hitting people necessarily he will hit the floor or the wall. He saw it once from another child and we are struggling to let it go, despite time outs for it and reminding him to use his words. He gets rammy like his Dad when he's trying to do something and it doesn't work or will yell out "beep".

Noah gets ready for bed around 7/7:30 with brushing his teeth (his new favorite thing to do), tubby time, pjs, a book and then in bed he goes and we don't tend to hear from him again until morning. He will put himself to sleep for bedtime, but prefers to be rocked at naptime. We are hoping to get him back to self soothing himself to sleep for naptime soon so the chair can go back in the nursery and he can have his tent! Noah was waking up around 7:30 or later prior to vacation, but since coming home he's been trying to get up before 7, which isn't flying. 7 AM is about the earliest I'm willing to do, so hopefully we can get back to our normal routine soon!! Naptimes range from an hour and half to two hours with the odd one hour nap - which usually results in a grumpy bear!

Noah is tractor, train, construction vehicle or any vehicle obsessed! He loves his go-go smart wheels and is "lovey" obsessed lately. He loves his Gracie girl and his kitties - luckily he hasn't seemed to notice Felix missing. He loves reading, with Dig Dogs Dig being his current fav, along Steam Train Dream Train, Little Blue Truck or Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site to name a few. He loves to help with anything you are doing and is especially helpful with getting my shoes and helping me put them on!!

That pretty much sums up most of our little boy! I could gush on and on about him and how lucky and blessed we are! 

Happy birthday to my sweet little boy!! You make me smile each and every day and I honestly couldn't imagine being any happier at this point in my life - even on the challenging days!! Motherhood is way better than I ever imagined it to be!!


Lindsay said...

Happy birthday Noah!! I can't believe you are two!! You have one sweet and smart little boy! xo

Murdock's mama said...

Aww...Happy Birthday, Noah! So exciting!

Leigh said...

Happy birthday Noah!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Happy birthday Noah!!

Kristina said...

Happy Birthday sweet Noah! Hope he has an awesome day!!!

Christy said...

Happy Birthday Noah!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Happy Birthday Noah!! You are so sweet and I wish we were closer so we could play all the time! Tell your Mom and Dad there are lots of tractors out here!

He is a big boy! Leo is only 26lbs!

Sounds like he is ready for potty training! Good luck!


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