Friday, September 16, 2016

Emilya - 5 Months

Eating: We are still breastfeeding and things are continuing to go well! A few days before turning 5 months, we decided to introduce rice cereal. She has been eyeing up our food when we eat and it is next to impossible to nurse her while eating anything anymore. Of course she has tried ice cream and sorbet and her brother even shared his mango Popsicle with her in the stroller the one afternoon. She does pretty well with the rice cereal and it didn't take her long to figure it out! She gets about a tablespoon a day at this point. I am still getting up to pump between 2-3 AM.

Sleeping: Emilya is a great sleeper. Although with her teething, getting her to sleep has been tricky lately and by tricky I mean it's taking us longer. We have moved her bedtime up to 8 PM and she sleeps until usually 6 AM or 7 AM on a normal night, but with teething she was waking up sometimes once or twice a night. 

Clothing: Emilya is wearing size 3-6 months in most of the clothes. Shorts are still 3 months, as 6 months are too big in the waste. We have put away just about everything that is 3 months now but 6 month pants are just a bit long, so 3-6 month is the best. She is wearing 3-6 month sleepers or 6 month sleepers! Emilya is wearing size 2 pampers swaddlers, but we are on the last box and will move up to size 3. 

Features: Emilya is growing lots of hair, but man is it ever light on top, yet still soo dark in the back! Her eyes are still blue, although I am not sure if they will end up as bright as Noah's. Emilya decided she would get not one tooth before turning 5 months, but 2!! Her 2 bottom front teeth have broken through and man was this not a fun process!  I was quite shocked to find them soo early since Noah didn't get teeth until 9 months! 


Weight: 5 Months: 16 lbs 5 oz
We haven't remeasured her,  but I'm guessing maybe 26.5 inches

What The Doctor Had To Say: Emilya is healthy and doing great! We saw the ENT this past month and she basically just ordered more tests to rule out any further issues, as ear issues can run in pairs with with kidneys, heart and eyes. So she will see an eye doctor, have a urine test done and an ECG. She also ordered some genetic testing to see if can find out why she has the hearing loss. 

We have hummed and hawed over what to do with the hearing loss and have decided that getting a hearing aid is best for her. This was obviously not an easy decision to make, as it seem crazy to have a hearing aid soo young, but this is the most critical time for her learning and development. In a running conversation, she may only pick up half of what it said. 

We also saw Emilya's speech therapist. Obviously there isn't much we need to be doing right now, but it was great to meet her and know who I will be communicating with in the future. 

I will say that as overwhelming as this all is, it is great having an awesome team working with us and supporting us. We are working with a social worker, who will continue to aid us in communication between all doctors and workers helping us with Emilya. We have a great team working with us so far! 


Nicknames: Emma, Em, Emy, Baby, Little Miss, Littlest Squish, Baby girl, Baby Bunny, Emilya Hope, Sis


Big Brother Update: Noah amazes me every single day with how great he is with her. You always hear about horrible sibling stories, but so far Noah is the opposite and just genuinely loves his sister and having her around. He loves introducing her to people and showing her off, he will share ice cream and Popsicles with her without us asking him to and so far he just looks out for her and I hope that continues! 


Likes: rolling around, Nemo, her play mat, her Muslin blankets, her lovey, her brother, being read to, being outside, bathes, toys, being carried in the baby bjorn, the jumper, standing, and dogs. 


Dislikes: the car, or sitting still. I will say car rides are slightly better, but slightly being the key word. Sometimes she doesn't scream and gag, other times she does. Her puking has cut back big time,so I am glad she has outgrown that part! She also dislikes teething!! But who doesn't!! 

Personality: Even when Emilya is miserable, she is very tolerable. With teething, she hasn't been as happy as usual, which is obviously understandable and baby girl can fight sleep like a champ when miserable. She loves being around people and finds them entertaining to watch, she will flash a smile to pretty much anyone who looks at her. We managed to get a few summer trips in this month like to storybook gardens, Brantford zoo and African lion safari and she loved people watching, being baby worn or sleeping through it all. We still have yet to start napping her up in her room, as we haven't quite made time to deal with the nursery, but it is coming along. We are hoping by the end of September that she will be napping up there. 

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Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

She's such a sweet babe!! Her big smile is the best!

I must have missed the previous updates about her hearing loss. My brother struggled with his hearing growing up- he had lots of ear infections and tubes multiple times. He has hearing loss from it and had a hard time in school. He still has issues with it as an adult so from his experience I think that early prevention/correction will help Emilya in the long run. It's hard to have to make these decisions for our little ones but it sounds like you have good doctors.


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