Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Labor Day Weekend

We really put the word Labor in this weekend and actually managed to get quite a bit done! September weekends are really busy for us, so that means making use of the time we can!

Thursday I finished painting the front door and I am so incredibly in love with it! You only get a half picture of it, because it's really hard to photograph because of the shadows on the front porch, but you will see how it looks! 

Friday I continued the search for my old baptism dress. I searched high and low and have been for weeks. I had no recollection of getting it from my sister, but she couldn't find it either, so that meant I needed to go through a lot of bins. I am the first to admit that I am not organized, so this really wasn't a bad thing, but I was beginning to lose sleep over not finding it. 

The boys worked outside and we decided that we would order a new pool liner because the patches M put in the pool didn't solve the problem. We would have been more diligent in looking had it been installed right in the first place, however because of the crazy rain storm we got during installation, the sand has settled too much and we really just need to redo it, just a little sooner than we planned. So I ordered that and a winter pool cover and we will tackle that job next weekend. 

The gardens were weeded, the grass was cut, holes were filled with dirt in preparation to be seeded,
the boys finished the new front step and inside I worked on laundry, vacuuming, the kitchen, and searching for the baptism dress, along with sorting through hand-me-downs for Emilya. 

All the while we found some fun. Emilya has been a teething monster this weekend, so that has made things a bit tricky since she was super clingy, so a lot of baby wearing was done and snuggling! 

My sister came over with the kids to play for a bit since Noah had been begging to play with them.



That evening we tried Em on rice cereal too. She has been showing signs she's been ready for a while and we were close enough to 5 months (when I started Noah) and she seemed to enjoy it! 



We had the kobota home, so we went for a family kobota ride and ended up seeing our friends out for a walk, so we stopped for a quick chat while these two played for a bit:


Saturday it was more searching! It was lots of teething:



And snuggling:

And this guy playing outside! They took the kobota home and brought his truck home! But most importantly, Noah learned how to pedal his trike right before supper! I am not sure who was more excited, him or us? We have been practicing and trying to learn it ALL summer! We would get soo close and then nothing! So this really felt like a bit accomplishment! So we got out his new bike as a reward for learning, however pedalling it is quite different, so we will have to learn on it all over again (different angle) but not until we go helmet shopping! 



Sunday morning you bet there was more searching... I was beginning to run out of places to look and it was really starting to  get me down!

We played outside, and got ready for our dinner party with our friends! 


Noah washed his truck up:


We had a picnic lunch in the living room with Peppa and George:


I managed to get just about all the windows washed. We had our friends coming over for an end of summer BBQ that M smoked some ribs for. The kids all had fun playing, we had fun talking and supper was yummy! It was really just a great time and end to summer!! Crazy to look at how different our dinner parties are now!! 




Our parties of 6 are now parties of 12! 

Monday I decided to head down to the basement and continue my search down there. I managed to empty 5 totes to good will - stuff we hadn't touched since we moved here. It was a great feeling, however I still didn't find the dress!! Emma's baptism is at the end of this month and I wouldn't be devastated if she wasn't able to wear my dress! 


Well sure enough, my Mom phoned and she found it! No one knows why she ended up with it, but I cried happy tears and facetimed her to see it with my own eyes!! I felt such a relief! It also means that I am not completely losing my mind and opened my eyes to just how unorganized we are and made me want to get cracking! Let's just say a never ended to-do list was made with jobs big and small! 

M and Noah headed outside to work on sanding the front porch. We decided we will buy a new screen door, as the one we have is from our old house and has seen better days! Noah went back and forth between helping and driving his truck. My Dad came by to drop back off his camping stuff and visit for a bit before he headed back to Windsor. 


Noah had to show my Dad just how great his truck was and helped him drive some of his gear to the shop for him. He also loaded up his trike. 

Emilya turned 5 months!! She is also loving the jumperoo!! 


Stay tuned for her 5 month update soon and I will likely do an update on Noah soon too now that he is 2.5!! I feel like he has changed so much in the last 6 months! 

Hope everyone had a great weekend!! 


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