Thursday, September 1, 2016


Is it just me or did August literally zoom on by?? As much as I love summer, I really do enjoy fall! It's that time of the year where the windows can be open, the evenings get cooler, baseball wraps up, new fall activities start up!

I've been working on the kids clothes and making sure we are set for fall and winter, but yet still have stuff for our winter vacay! Did I mention we booked our trip already? Emilya's first winter vacay will be the same as Noah's! We are heading to St. Martin!! And we will be there for Noah's birthday this year! 

This post is going to be pretty random, just FYI. 

I started painting the front door yesterday, hence no blog post because I was getting sh*t done while I could! Right now I am writing this while Noah is playing up in his bed and Em is still sleeping! I'm hoping I can get the second coat on while Noah watches his daily Peppa Pig like yesterday. I was going to show you the door because it looks soo amazing after just one coat, but the lighting was crap and you couldn't see it and of course I forgot to take a pic last night! 

The last two nights I have been on my own as M has been trying to get in all his make-up ball games. I am definetely getting better at the solo bedtime routine. Monday night was better than last night. We are also working on getting the kids to bed earlier! I find if Noah is in bed at 8, he sleeps better and sleeps in longer in the morning. However Emilya is also needing 8 PM, so we might move her up to 7:45 PM, because getting 2 kids in bed at the same time (especially on your own) is a trick. 

I took Noah grocery shopping last minute last night and it made me miss shopping with him! Believe it or not, we were in and out of 2 stores in 30 minutes! That's a record! It was really just a great experience with no toddler issues! Considering how crazy he was yesterday, it could have gone really bad! He was jumping off everything at home! 

Let's talk insta-stories! I love them! I love being able to save little clips of our days, especially of the kids interacting together! These are thier memories and mine too!! I have snapchat, I had it before it was "cool" but I can't figure it out and I hate that yon can only watch the video for so little time. 

Let's talk vlogging- video blogging. I have started watching a few different families on YouTube and I love it! They are usually just little clips out of people's lives - like reality TV, but with families and it has given me some fun ideas to do with the kids! I like it because they are real families doing everyday things and I can relate! Do you watch any vlogs? 

Emilya is teething up a storm, but in all honesty she is taking it like a champ! The biggest thing we notice is that she isn't as crazy smiley as normal. She is pretty much the happiest baby EVER on the daily and now we actually have to work for a smile! She's not sleeping as well, and her mouth is literally like a faucet! I will take all the extra cuddles lately too. 

I hit the jackpot with $15 jeans from Old Navy! The fit is perfect and I really love them - so much so I bought them in black, dark denim and medium denim! I wasn't going to buy jeans for this stage of post-pregnancy, but even with working out, the weight isn't just falling off and as much as I want to see it go, it's a slow process, so I may as well try to feel as comfortable as I can. 

Wow this post is long. I guess I will wrap it up! Hope everyone has a great day! We have a fun 4-day weekend ahead! I will hopefully get a post up tomorrow too, but of course no promises! Life has just been too much fun! 

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I feel like it is July 1st one day then September 1st the next. I am usually fine to say bye to summer and LOVE fall but this time it is bittersweet since who knows if I will be off/home for another summer! And I am anxious being at home with two kids in cooler temps.
Boo to teething!! I hope it is not too hard on her!
I cannot imagine getting two kids to bed at the same time. Chloe goes down around 7pm now and Avery 8pm - though soon we will put this back to 7:30-7:45pm, just made it later for summer :)


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