Monday, September 26, 2016

Menu Monday

I'm saving my weekend rewind for tomorrow, so I can properly document Emilya's baptism, but it was an amazing day we had celebrating our little girl!!

Instead, we are coming into fall - wait, we are in fall!! Menu planning is pretty much NOT happening and just as the fall rush is about to kick in, we need to get on track! The days are only getting shorter and we need more time in the evening as a family instead of cooking in a rush. 

We get sick of the same quick meals over and over, so I have decided we are going to try to cook one new recipe a week! Pinterest is amazing thing, along with a few great you-tubers! It's about time we start finding some new favorites! 

To kick this off, we are going to try an easy Chicken Parmesan tonight!! I'm pretty excited about it. We have some left over pasta salad left over that I will pair it with and that will be supper tonight!! I will share the link below:

I will try to do a recipe share post each week, or at least ever couple of weeks with a few of our favorites as they come up!! 

Wish us luck!! 

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