Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Weekend Rewind

I will say this weekend was the first weekend to make me think fall is actually coming. We have been in a heat wave lately, so it was a nice break, but still nice weather to enjoy. Well, Saturday was less desirable with the threat of rain, but it held off!

Friday night I decided getting the kids to bed was more important that seeing one of M's last ball games. I knew Noah had a big day on Saturday, so we opted to stay home, well I opted, the kids had no clue it was an option. I did let Noah watch Finding Nemo after bath time until it was bedtime, which he was super excited about - he LOVES that movie! 

Noah went to bed great (as usual), but Miss Emilya gave me a run for my money and screamed for pretty much 2 hours of my attempting. In my frustration I just laid her on my bed to take a breather and she fell asleep instantly. I had to turn on a light and make sure of this, I couldn't believe it! Apparently she just didn't want to be held anymore or was just to tired to fight any longer. So I put her in her bed and relaxed for the first time for the day before heading to bed myself! 

Emilya slept all night and we all woke up at 7:15 AM. Saturday morning I feel like I was just running around non-stop after my shower. I managed to go through all but one drawer in Noah's room and pull out the clothes that are too small. I folded laundry, put away laundry, got Noah's clothes ready for gymnastics and tidied up.

M got his meat ready for the party, went and picked up buns and propane. It was time to leave for gymnastics before we knew it. 

Noah was pretty excited and just loved the first class. His favorite part was the rings, but they did do soo much more than that. He followed instruction pretty well for it being his first structured class. I'm not sure who was more tired by the end of it. M or Noah? I'm glad I was watching with Emilya! She loved watching them, so it was a win win for us both! 

We picked up lunch on the way home and M got dressed and left for the last game of ball. I will say that I am soo happy ball is done for the year. It just seems like it is one less thing on our plate right now. I feel like once September is over, we will maybe wonder what t do with our time! We started a lot of projects that I want finished before Emilya's baptism, like the porch and pool liner, plus getting her room ready. However, finding time to do these things has been the trick! 

While M was at the ball game, I got the kids both down for a nap and cleaned the main floor, so it was ready for company. We were hosting the end of the year ball game for the team, and luckily the rain held off! The kids all played well together and it was nice to be able to just sit down for a bit after a busy first half of the day! Emilya was entertained by watching everyone around her outside in her jumper!

It was a late night for the kiddos, but we had them in bed by 9 PM and then we hit up the hot tub before going to bed! 

Sunday we had big plans with the pool and then things didn't go as planned. We got the remaining foot of water drained out if the pool. Despite the fact that we were pretty miserable that we had to replace the liner, I decided to find joy in the process and let Noah go jump in the big puddles the hose was making and he loved it! 


Just as we worried, the one wall of the pool caved in once the pool was empty and the liner was out, so M had to dig that and fix it. We got styrofoam and started putting it down for under the liner, just to help protect it from getting another hole. 


The day quickly disappeared and we didn't get as far as we wanted, but it will happen... Eventually! 


Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Awe glad Noah likes gymnastics! It is so fun to see them learn & do new things!
I am kind of looking forward to fall and winter with quieter weekends and less to do, I feel our summer was really busy (in a good way) but want more down time before I am back to work.


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