Friday, September 23, 2016

Weekly Schedule

It's officially fall!! We are still getting hot days, but the evenings and mornings are cool, so it really is perfect, if only my week wasn't soo crazy and I could get a new routine going to get out and enjoy a morning walk.

Monday we didn't make it to play group because Em was napping and if I have learned one thing over the years, you don't wake a sleeping baby - unless you need to and play group doesn't fall under a need. Secretly, with our weekends being as busy as they are, I kind of love having Monday's at home, or being an optional activity at least. Especially when I look at our new fall weekly schedule, we pretty much have something on the go everyday. 

Monday's we have play group. 

Every other Tuesday I have a Preschool meeting here at the house, where a teacher comes and works with myself for Emilya, just giving us different activities for her to do, to help get her ready for school - I know this seems soo early, but it really is a great program they have offered us. I will share more on all of that soon. 

Wednesday's we will have Songs and Stories at the library here in the village starting in October. 

Thursday's I signed Noah up for a Music in Motion class, it's about 30 minutes long and I am soo bummed to have missed his first class. Luckily Grandma was able to take him and I love that most of his classmates are from here in the village, so I think it will be something we will really enjoy! I'm not exactly sure what the class entails, aside from singing and dancing - 2 things Noah loves to do! 

Friday's are grocery days, so I have been leaving him with Grandma in the mornings. Grocery shopping with Em can be quite frustrating, so I am still trying to figure out this time for us. 

Saturday's we have gymnastics and Sunday's are our family day! 

So needless to say we have a busy week, which is good, but I want a good routine to go along with it. We have got Noah on a great bedtime routine right now with him being in bed by 8 PM, we find he is back to sleeping in again. If he does go to bed later, he wakes up earlier! We are in the process of trying to get Em to sleep by 7:30, but we have yet to have it work yet! 

We haven't exactly started meal planning up again, so we need to also work on that, because it makes life soo much easier. 

But that is how our week is laid out lately! 

This weekend is going to be pretty busy, but I can't wait to celebrate Emilya with our family and friends with her baptism! 

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