Monday, September 19, 2016

Weekend Rewind

I can't believe we are in mid-September already! I knew this month was going to fly by with how busy it is!

Friday night was our first night post-ball season and boy was it nice to have M home! That was a long summer of solo bedtimes, although I think I have got it figured out at least! I just have to remember that not every night is ever the same, well for Emilya that is! Noah is pretty easy to put to bed! 

Saturday morning involved some early morning housework before we rushed out the door to get to the market before gymnastics so I could order buns for Em's baptism. Em was not impressed about being in the car AT all. We also learned a valuable lesson, do not take Noah to gymnastics early - show up on time. He just wanted to run up and down the wheelchair ramp, which only tired him out more. He was soo exhausted by the end of the class and therefore super miserable. His answer was "no" to everything. We really did pick the right time for the class, because this allows us to do lunch and then naptime. I will say it was crazy how much Noah picked up from his first class, because during this class he was supporting himself and actually hanging off the rings this week and the bar.

Saturday afternoon was spent filling the pool, the rain helped with that! I finished organizing all of
Emilya's clothes into seperate bins and then we cleared room in what we call the toy room upstairs, but in all reality it is storage for us and the toy room is downstairs. We put all the labeled bins in there and now her nursery is just about ready for her. I haven't painted the frames, or redone the pictures yet, but in all reality that's not stopping her from sleeping in there at least!

Right after supper I rushed into town and grabbed our groceries for the week, giving myself just an hour, so I could be home to feed Em before bed. I managed to get to 3 stores and was home to tuck
Noah in and feed Emilya.

Sunday morning we woke up early and were out of the house by 7:30 AM!


We had to stop and grab my baptism dress on our way to meeting my Dad at Greenview Aviaries. It was about an hour and half drive, and suprisingly Emilya didn't fuss much until we were about 20 minutes away from arriving! The DVD player seemed to help distract her! 



We had a great morning exploring the park, seeing the animals and then playing!


We were so proud of Noah for trying the zip line!! He did great with it!! 


He also figured out the big swing:



We had an amazing drive home:

Both kids sleeping!! 

Em even woke up in a great mood!!


When we got home it was back to work, getting the pool all put back together. This week we need to focus on getting the pool area finished and the front porch, as well as clean the house! Clearly it's going to be busy!! I did manage to get the upstairs bedrooms all vacuumed, now I just need to wash the floors up there. I also got Gracie's hair trimmed. 

We have such a busy week ahead of us! But I'm excited to celebrate Emilya this weekend!! 


Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Busy weekend!! Can't believe you were out the door with both kids at 7:30am! I can't get them out by 9am on my own! Well I could if we all got up early but we don't if we don't have to ;)

Em is such a sweetie!

I bet Leo would love gymnastics but I'm waiting until the new year to put him into anything. I don't want to over program us and I'm concerned about his attention span.

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I was just saying that this week, how is it mid September??
Out of the house by 7:30am? You are awesome! I think a few times we were out around 8am but that was to run so is way less work!
I am hoping to get A into some drop in gymnastic classes this fall to see what she thinks of it.


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