Friday, December 10, 2010


I have been debating since last night whether or not to blog about a BIG case happening in the town I grew up in. The case is harsh and insensitive, but at the same time I feel very strongly about it. So I have decided to blog about it a bit. I will forewarn you that what I am about write is very upsetting and reader's discretion is in effect from this point on.

Last April, as some of you may know a little girl named Tori Stafford was abducted in broad daylight. They made 2 arrests in the case, in which one of them plead guilty and the other one did not. The one who plead guilty has been charged and faces lifetime in prison. There has been a publication ban up to this point because of the trial. The court has denied the publication ban, so now the media is going wild with information. The accused pleading not guilty has not had his day in court yet.

This case was upsetting when it happened. All of Woodstock was searching for this little girl that walked home by herself for the first time. The case was even shown on America's Most Wanted. Finally they found her, 1 month later. I have been reading the newspaper articles, which you can find here . This story is horrible and harsh and it is terribly upsetting.

Just now, almost a year later, it has been thrown back into the community to deal with the happening of this little girl. I don't know how the family copes, because I know I wouldn't know where to pick up. It is good to know what has happened for closure for the community and family, but to read the reasoning behind why and what happened is sickening.

One comment the killer said was: "I didn't wake up that morning thinking I was going to take a child". How disgusting... who the hell would?  Another comment made when asked if she understood her plea, she commented with "It seems like the right thing to do." An innocent child was brutalized and killed and you can't even explain your actions? I am just honestly disgusted. You should have realized it was wrong to do any of it in the first place? Not only was wreckless with her own life, she has now been wreckless with an innocent child, thier family and our community. It is us who have to pick up the pieces. It is us who now question the integrity of everyone around us.

The whole case and happenings has not been published yet, because of the partial publication ban, because the guy has not had his day in court yet and he is pleading not guilty.

I just don't understand how people can do such horrible things? It is just sickening. Things like this are not supposed to happen. I grew up in a small town, where you pretty much know the people around you. This case had taught the community a lot, but at a horrible expense.

Meanwhile, this girl will goto jail, will probably still be given her meth (she was a member of the methadone clinic), and she will be given counselling, education, 3 meals a day, etc. She may have to deal with what she did, but she had a choice... Tori didn't. Tori doesn't get to have an education, 3 meals, a family, fun, or even the chance to grow up. That little girl went through something that no one should go through and it all happened just because...

I could go on and on about this. But I will stop at that. I am sure this case will be mentioned again when the guy is sentenced.

Just hold your kids a little tighter..

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Kate said...

I don't even know what to say about this post. This story is so awful and I'm sad for your community and Tori's family. I'm glad you decided to post this story and your point of view!


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