Friday, December 17, 2010

(Frantic Friday) Loving It Friday!

Well not REALLY Frantic, but busy! So this post will be short and sweet!! I have a crazy busy weekend planned and I am loving it! I love all this holiday hoopla! So tonight we are heading to K and S's house for some holiday cheer and cards, Saturday morning I am hoping to wake up early and head to the market, as well as pick up a few last minute items that I forgot last night. And then I will be baking the afternoon away and might even fit in a few deliveries! We have dinner Saturday night over at J and A's house with N & K. Looking forward to that. Sunday we plan to deliver our Christmas baking to a few people here and there. I may also swing by my sisters and take some Christmas pictures of sweet Hannah! Why? Because I love that kid!

Sound crazy? But fun!

I just found out that I will have Christmas Eve day off, which is sweet because we have a party to go to the night before!

Hmm.. what else can I cram in here? Oh how about the fact that I spent over $60 at BULK BARN? Am I crazy... yes... I will go into more detail about that on Monday, if I remember!

Oh and today... M made my lunch, I was rushing and forgot half of my lunch in the fridge! So much for cheese melts! I have crackers and well a plate! Good thing I had 4 Bagel Bites left in the freezer at work... light lunch that is for sure! Oh and I am drinking my last Arizona Iced Tea (Raspberry)... sad day! I can't wait to hit up Michigan in the New Year!

Oh also turn up your speakers... Glee Christmas has hit up my blog! Oh and did I mention that I am LOVING that too?  I should have done a post on Loving It Friday! Actually, I think I might change the title right now... I am random!

Ok, that's all I got! Happy Weekend before Christmas!!


Rebekah said...

What fun! I love all the holiday activities. So fun.

Glee Christmas is AWESOME! I love it.

Cassandra said...

Girl I would totally love Eat Pray Love for your ML! I think any woman would like that movie!

P.S. stole the Frantic Friday from you! :) Feel free to grab that picture I made and use it anytime! :)

Ash and Matt | A SoCal Story said...

Hooray for having Christmas Eve off! And I'm with you on all of the holiday activities--the schedule gets crazy, but they're all so fun!

Jessie Szmanda said...

Have a good weekend!!!


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