Monday, December 20, 2010

Manic Monday!

Are we all up for another version of Manic Monday or what?

This weekend was CRAZY busy, but fun!

Friday night we went K and S's and played some euchre and then pulled out the Domino's Mexican Train! I had never played domino's, but WOW was it ever FUN! M had to work on Saturday, so we did not stay late, which was kind-of nice to have a nice low key evening with great friends! 

Saturday, I headed into town in the morning and hit up the market for some fresh cut flowers, swung by the grocery store and picked up the last minute baking needs. I also picked up a few more Christmas presents and I am officially done! While picking up the last few presents, I could not help but to pick up a nice new pair of knee high boots on sale, and of course I needed to get a new pair of pants to go with them. You will never believe what I ended up buying... I bought my first pair of SKINNY JEANS in black. I never thought I would see this day, but I did it... I broke down and bought them for the boots and well, I won't lie, they look pretty damn good! AND they are SUPER comfy!

Late Saturday morning I started my baking, and had my mini melt down on the kitchen floor. My letter to Grandma goes into detail about that. The cookies turned out great, however decorating them did not fair so well. For some reason my icing did not turn red, it went pink... and well lets just say they looked like a Hawaiian themed Christmas cookie. Not to mention how frustrated I was, my husband showed up home from work with a snow blower! He snow blowed the driveways and the front paths, which was no big deal, as I had let him know that I needed his help. I began to lose my patience when the icing was giving me problems and when I noticed my husband snow blowing the back lawn... the lawn people... this man had a grin on his face from ear to ear... but he was snow blowing the lawn, while I needed him inside! Not impressed! He came inside shortly after and I fully expected him to come in and help, but no, he brought the snow blower home in the backhoe and had to return it to the farm and pick up his truck. I was even more so NOT impressed!

Mike finally got home, I blew up on him for not helping, as I was encountering problem after problem with the damn icing, in which case I decided we are only decorating 1 cookie per plate, instead of all of them! That would be when I realized that I did not have enough cookies to give out to everyone I had intended on. However I did not have enough time to make another batch, as we had dinner plans for 5:30 over at J and A's. So I quickly got ready and we were off. What a great night we had at J and A's. That was the first night in a long time where time flew and it was 2 AM before we were headed home. Luckily we only live around the corner.

Sunday M worked on the pool table with my Dad and I worked on baking more cookies. When M was finished, my dad headed home and together we finished and decorated the cookies and then we were off to deliver them.

Today I had a nice low-key day, S came over for a visit and that was pretty much all I did. I also had an argument with Old Navy on the phone, as I still have not received my order from December 12, which was well guaranteed by the 23rd. They told me that I would not be receiving it until the 29th! I argued and will hopefully now be getting my order by the 23rd.

That was my weekend all summed up. Only 3 more days of work!! My boss switched my days for me, so I get Christmas Eve off now, and work on the Thursday instead. Fantastic!!

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