Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Snow and Soo Much More... (Not really)


Olivia made these snazzy buttons, so I figured I would flaunt one since I was featured on her blog and you can find the post HERE. Thanks soo much Olivia!!

Also on today's list of topics (in my mind) is all of the snow that has been falling around me. Yup AROUND me, as in we have lucked out with next to none! I have a lot of family in London, ON and they are just getting hammered with snow! Almost a whole meter. They are considering calling a state of emergency because it is not supposed to stop! My mom just recently moved there and she can't believe all the snow! I couldn't either until I saw the pictures:

Click to view/print larger image
Nowhere to put snow!
Click to view/print larger image
This is just funny!

Click to view/print larger image
Somewhere there is a fence....
I found all of those pictures on the Weather Network that various Londoners have posted! CRAZY! My sister even has a lot of snow... like snow blowing worthy... NOT US!! London is only 45 minutes away... my sister is only 20 minutes... we are just LUCKY! My mom is a tall woman and she said the snow on her balcony is waist high! CRAZY!

I know, I know too much use of the word CRAZY... but seriously!

Yesterday I enjoyed Pizza Hut Lunch buffet with J and K, because of the snow, all of the schools were closed, so J didn't hafta teach and K didn't either! Then I headed over to M's for a catch up! Lets just say I did not end up accomplishing too much on the home front!

I have picked my vacation time, which is also exciting because we are travelling with my MOH from my wedding, along with her boyfriend! We are thinking of Dominican again! Nothing is set in stone, we are thinking of booking last minute. Has anyone done this? Any insight out there?

Well that is all I have for now.

Take care,


Amy said...

Looks like where I live with all the snow hehe! we have gotten so much and we are suppose to get more!!!

Diana Mieczan said...

OMG that is really snowy!!! That dog photo is so funny...hahah...Kisses, my dear

Ps: I went for last minute deals before and they worked out...I think we were lucky:)

Jenny said...

That is so much snow! We haven't had our first big snow yet, but I'm sure it will be here soon (hopefully not that much)! I have never booked a last minute trip but I do love the Dominican! Great place to visit!

Leigh said...

I can't believe how much snow London has got..it's just crazy!

Julianne Hendrickson said...

That snow is so beautiful!! I love your kitties too--so sweet. Thanks for stopping by the other day :)


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