Friday, December 3, 2010

Finally Friday: November Style!!

  • Start Christmas shopping  - I have got a good start on this one!!
  • Sell washer and dryer - I have had interest, but no sale yet!!
  • Get back gardens cut down
  • Steam clean all carpets and rugs in the house - I was very impressed with this one!! It was crazy seeing all that dirt come out!!
  • Set up pool table in hobby shop - it is in the process of being built again - sitting at stage one right now, but I am pretty much counting it as done, as it is in place and in process!
  • Start to set up MY corner in the hobby shop for scrapbooking and what not - moved the furniture in place, but haven't brought all of my stuff out yet! I am counting this as done too, because I have it set up, just have to fill it now!
  • Move TV and satellite box out to hobby shop
  • Start decorating the house for Christmas - decided not to put up tooo much this year, as we are not entertaining on the home front, but will be putting up a few, including a tree in the basement I think.
  • Get a new "dressy" winter coat - I did buy a new coat, it is just not a "winter" coat!
  • Dye hair DARK brown - it's brown now, but the red tones are coming back to haunt me... I am a natural brunette, but ever since I started dying my hair, red tones seem to be coming through more and more! - Love the new color!! It is sooo dark, but fantastic!!
  • Finish Hannah's curtains (one panel left)
  • Get Christmas cards made (hopefully by Shutterfly) - vetoed this one... just normal stationary going out for this one!
  • Reach 35 followers. - Wow did we ever accomplish this one... and I said "we" because we ALL made it happen!!! Thank you, Thank you Thank you!!
  • Finish painting Master Bedroom

Three out of fourteen isn't bad right?! lol


Diana Mieczan said...

Love this list! We are planning to decorate our place this weekend:) Have a fantastic weekend, my dear

Anonymous said...

Great job getting so much accomplished! :)

Karlala said...

cute list!
I'm a HUGE list maker... it's outta control sometimes! haha


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