Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thoughts for Thursday

Wow, this week has gone by VERY quickly! And this will probably be a short post again! I am sorry! I will apologize for the whole month of December's posts ahead of time because I am super busy!! But I will definitely make an effort! 

So, you are probably wondering what has me busy this week? Well yesterday was just a really busy day at work and then my Dad came out for dinner last night and helped M set up the pool table out in the hobby shop! It is not actually ready to use yet, in fact the felt is not even put on it yet, but little did I know that it is not that easy... there is slate and putty and sanding and that x 2 or 3 and then the felt and then the sides go up! Seriously... who knew?!

My security system is driving me WACKO, but I just feel better having it set at this time of the year whether we are home or not! We put the door chimes on, so basically when a door opens the chime goes... you would think, but you see it sometimes has a mind of its own and has been going off randomly. Maybe we have a ghost that comes and goes FREQUENTLY! Luckily it doesn't go off at night, but maybe because the house is fully armed at night? I will have to check all of our outbuildings.

Today I am heading over to the farm to help Sue (Mike's Mom) get ready for pie night tomorrow night! I am seriously looking forward to this... pie night that is... I don't mind going over to help either though. But who would not want to attend an evening of eating homemade pie? Seriously! We have been doing this for 9 years! I am going to making 2 pies myself this year! I am making cherry cheesecake pie (x2) and the trial run was a big hit!

Still have not caught the mouse that got away.... I hate mice! Did I mention that already?

I happened to notice I have a blog reader from Drumbo, ON? That is exciting... but who are you? Do you blog as well? Do I know you in person? Email me!! (found in profile).

Well... that is all I got! Happy Thursday Friends!!

Take Care,


Diana Mieczan said...

Pie night sounds so good:) That is such a great idea for a little party:) Have a great time,sweetie

Kari said...

I hate mice too. Our dogs have caught 2 outside. At least they are out there and not inside. Pie night sounds fun! I love cherry cheesecake.

stephanie said...

I really don't like mice either. I have a bunch of mouse traps in the garage. I'm fearful of mouse traps too. Ha


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