Monday, December 13, 2010

Just Another Manic Monday

Anyone else remember this song? I kind of like it for a blog title, in fact I am going to make it my Weekend Recap title from now on!!

So, where do I start? Friday night M went and picked up pizza and we had a mini date night catching up on this weeks TV together. It was actually pretty laid back and much needed during the hectic season!

Saturday M had to work, so I wrapped a few more presents and headed upstairs and worked on one of the closets, however I am nowhere near finished. We had the Santa Claus parade in the village that evening , which M was in and then we enjoyed a nice dinner at the restaurant with M's parents.

Sunday was busy. My MOH from the wedding was in town, so we managed to see her for a little bit before she headed back home up north. We are planning on traveling together come February/March. So pumped after this weekend's weather! We got quite a bit of snow in a short amount of time over night and storm brewing for all day on Sunday. The weather was crap, I won't lie! After C and S, with their sweet little dog Tux left, we called up J, knowing that M was out of town for the weekend and invited her out for breakfast at the restaurant (which is really good by the way). She happened to be with K (M's sister) so she came along too. We had a great breakfast. M and I then headed into town and bought a few things for dinner and more Christmas presents. In fact, we bought one present, carried it out the door and it BROKE! So we went back in and they are getting us another one. Now I cannot tell you what it was because it was a Christmas present, but how odd. The saleslady didn't believe us, until she looks at our receipt and saw the time on it. We headed home and started making dinner.

We had Mike's parents over for dinner for S's birthday! We made a nice chicken dinner and a chocolate cake. Nothing like a home cooked meal on Sunday. It is just the perfect way to start off a week in my opinion. We completed the night with a game of euchre and called it a night.

We were under a flash freeze warning and we definitely got it! It is freezing out and everything is frozen! The roads are crap and I am glad I don't have to work! However, I did venture over to the post office by foot and it was slippery and cold, but my package was in!! One more Christmas present down!!

I just have a few more to go! I hope everyone had a safe weekend!!


Diana Mieczan said...

Sounds like you had a busy and fun weekend:) I have a few more gifts to buy and then Im all done:) Have a great day

Ps: I am hosting a beautiful home decor GIVEAWAY today, just in time for Christmas!

Leigh Anne said...

sounds like a fun weekend!! stay warm :)

Jenny said...

We had our first decent snow, which I love but I don't like driving in it one bit!


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