Saturday, March 12, 2011

I Confess...

Okay, enough about vacation!! It is only beginning to depress me because it is over and there is still snow flying back here at home!! It is time to get back to business around here, but with that being said I should probably get a few things off my chest.

But before I spill the beans with my confessions, I just wanted everyone to say a quick prayer for those affected by the earthquake/tsunami. I would also ask that you say a prayer for my Grandma, she has been admitted to the hospital with a long list of ailments. Praying for a quick painless recovery!!

Okay, here it goes:

I confess that I had to look up the difference between affect and effect. Not only did I just do it today, I do it all the time! I don't know why I can't remember this one, it confuses me all the time!! I am still not even sure that I used it correctly!

I confess that we have unpacked our suitcases, but a large quantity of the "stuff" (including clothes) still lies on my dining room table!! I hope to take care of this this weekend!

I confess that I have laundry baskets of unfolded clean clothes awaiting me, and they have been that way since before I left for vacation.... no judging!

I confess to HATING this weather... can it be nice out yet?!

I confess to dreading the dress fitting that I HAVE to go to today... because of the next confession..

I confess to not beginning my workout or healthy eating act yet.... it is sooo hard and as my excuse - this weather doesn't help!! M and I planning on doing it together....

I confess to missing Dominican.... enough said..

I confess that I have fallen even more in love with my man... it was soo nice to just get away and have time to ourselves!! I didn't think I could fall deeper, but apparently it is possible!!

I confess to wanting to get a lot done in a day, but can hardly find the motivation to get off the couch once I get home from work!! Even on my off days... its hard... really hard....

I confess to being lazy lately.

Okay, that is enough confessions for a day... it is time to get busy with a few of them!! Have a good weekend!!

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