Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Would You Rather.. Wednesday

I have thought of a new twist for Wednesday's blog session. It won't be an every Wednesday kinda thing because I like What's Up Wednesday and So What Wednesday too..

While in Chapters on Sunday, our friend M came across a book titled Would You Rather, which included things that are compared to one another in a would you rather fashion. There were quite a few funny ones, some inappropriate ones and some disgusting ones. I guess there are some board games out there too.

1) Would you rather forget to brush your hair or forget to put on deodorant on a hot summer day?
      - forget to brush my hair.... I have a thing about smelly people!

2) Would you rather walk on broken glass or hot fresh pavement?
      - these both sound equally painful, but I would choose broken glass. There is only a chance of cutting your feet vs. burning your whole foot.

3) Would you rather eat 6 plates of brownies or 6 bags of chips?
      - EASY! 6 bags of chips

4) Would you rather gain weight in you butt or your gut?
     - Hmmm, I think my butt, but only because mine is sooo boney now, it could use a bit and the gut is really hard to get rid of!

5) Would you rather have a migraine or the flu?
     - the flu, even though puking would be the absolute worst. I have never had a migraine, but have only heard bad things about them!

6) Would you rather eat with a fork or a spoon for the rest of your life?
     - a spoon, that way you still have soup. I would actually prefer a spork!!

7) Would you rather eat a gallon or ketchup or mustard?
     - ketchup... I do not really like mustard.

I am also using my FIRST Link UP!!! I am excited about this!! Please participate!!!


Jessica said...

Same! Chips all the way.

stephanie said...

These are hilarious! Chips, hot concrete, butt, flu, spoon, forget to brush hair :)

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Cute blog! I love all these pretty colors. :)

Great answers as well. I think you pretty much chose the ones I would have picked, especially the deoderant one. I'd rather have messy bed hair (which is in style now, right? Or than be stinky in hot weather. Ew! ;)


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