Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Where Shall I Start?

M and I had such an amazing trip!!! I would recommend the VH Gran Ventana Resort in Puerto Plata to anyone!! No, I was not just told to say that, we really did have a great time!

Our weather was fantastic, it rained for 20 minutes once, the rest of the time was sun, sun and more sun!!

We almost didn't even make it to the airport in Toronto when heading to Dominican. We were almost taken out by not one, but 2 snow plows, that blew through a stop sign in the airport. I am pretty sure I saw my life flash before my eyes! Once again, someone was watching over us and whoever it is has been making their presence well known lately. Our whole way to Toronto was crappy road conditions. But we made it and my father-in-law made it back home safely.

Our flight there and back was good. We were slightly delayed coming home because of the ice storm, but no big deal! We payed extra for emergency row seating and it was well worth it!! We had soooo much leg room!! They even played Life As I Know It on the way home!!

We had professional photos done while we were down there and got a steal of a deal on them!! We were soo impressed with how they turned out!! What a great memory keepsake!!

C (my MOH) and S (her boyfriend) came down on Tuesday and we met another couple on Monday from the Toronto area (S and M). The week went by at the perfect speed, not to fast, but not too slow!

The food was pretty good and that is coming from a picky eater, but M ate pretty much everything with no complaints, except for the ice cream! We are pretty sure they just freeze coconut milk. I also got M hooked on pineapple! He normally hates it, unless we grill it and season it, but not he is loving it.

The resort had great entertainment and we ended up getting to know them all pretty well. We had soo much fun with them.

We met some great people on our trip, even adopted a new nana!! haha! We also met a Katie Perry dead on look alike!! She was English.

We went on one full day excursion which included going up 3500 feet up the biggest mountain on the island in a cable car!! It was crazy!! We toured Puerto Plata, hit up the rum factory, a beautiful orchid garden, Sosua beach, had lunch, hit up the market, it was just a FULL day, full of activity! C and S came along with us! We created a lot of great memories and took a tun of pictures, of course!!

The resort itself was smaller than the the one we stayed at last time, but the entertainment was fantastic!! The staff were really friendly too! It is an older resort, but we were in an updated room, it really was nice!! There honestly isn't much that I can complain about.

I will go into further detail about our trip a little later, but honestly we had a fantastic time, it really was great for M and I!! It was just what we needed to get away!!!


Michelle said...

So jealous! Glad to hear you had a great trip!

Cherish @ Southern Soul Mates said...

SO glad you made it there and back safely and that you had an amazing time! Can't wait to see pictures! xoxo


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