Friday, March 4, 2011

Take My Hand

take my hand
lead me to our secret place
where I can be me and you can be you
where the world around us is only ours
where love is a feeling

with just your hand
I feel your heart
I feel your love
I will feel this forever and always
it means more than you will ever know

take my hand
hold it to your heart
I will hold yours to mine
feel the rhythm
feel the beat

hold my hand
promise to never let go
I would be lost without you by my side
together our hands create one
one being, one family, one

take my hand
don not leave my side
step by step
we will never walk alone
we will always have each other

kiss my hand
I feel your touch
your lips will take away my pain
take it all away
strip me from this pain

take my hand
lead me home
promise me promises
remind me of who I am
never let me forget

put my hand in your hand
we can conquer the world
but when I am alone
I am lost
I am not me without you.

take my hand
lead me gently
show me love
show me emotions
let me feel, let me love.

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