Wednesday, March 23, 2011

So What Wednesday....

I am also linking up with Shannon today too!! So here it goes!!

So What If:
  • I ate a kit kat for breakfast and chips and dip for lunch... I have been drinking water all day... and I am still below my calorie intake goal!! This weather is depressing!
  • I considered buying this wig for my cat....

The cat looks just like Jazz and I think the color really suits her!! Maybe she would enjoy life more and would stop being sooooo bitchy! lol The thing that stopped me from buying it was that it costs $60... who would pay that for a cat wig!? Check it out here (picture is from there too)! They also have other colors!
  • I can't seem to understand why some people wouldn't sign up for something that is free and simple to enter... like my give away, unless they don't like my sister's jewelry, but let's be real... it is fantastic! So enter people, unless no one reads my blog and if that is the case it is kind of super insulting, I am trying to give back to you people!
  • I get excited when I get this in the mail:
House Home Photo April 2011 Fresh Style

and this:
this issue
  • they are making a movie down the street from my office at work and they have shut down streets and limos are all over the place! They are filming Silent Hill 2. I also learned that this happens often and that several movies have been filmed in Cambridge!
  • I was getting all excited about the nice weather we HAD been getting, to wake up to find snow, ice, freezing rain and wind and not just a little, but a lot. We just got rid of all our snow!!
  • I am not a fan of Kristi Alley, but I thought she did a great job on DWTS!! She might just make it after all!!
  • I had M go outside to dig out the driveway this morning, yes dig it out because we have that much snow, actually I told him to use the snow blower and he said "Ah no, I'll shovel it". While he was shoveling I phoned my boss to tell him I would definately be late, at which point he told me not to bother and that I could work tomorrow instead. Which I was secretly hoping he would do, and after M finished and was doing the side deck, I decided then would be a good time to inform him of snow day....  I could have told him sooner I suppose!? 
  • I am trying to get into reading and feel pressured to finish a book that I loaned from the library on my Kobo in 2 weeks... 2 weeks is not a lot of time for a non-reader like myself to finish a book and it's not like I can return it late, it just disappears off my Kobo!
What are you saying So What to?


Amanda said...

Love the snow comments! We have the SAME issue here in Maine :)

Jessica and Stephan said...

ok, I knew you were an Ontario gal but I didn't know that you were from Cambridge. ME TOO!!! Or, I was! Which part of Cambridge do you come from?! Sooo exciting!!

Anonymous said...

Umm, personally that sounds like the greatest meals ever. :D Chocolate for breakfast? WINNING. :)


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