Wednesday, March 30, 2011

You Know When.... and What I am Loving Wednesday

Okay, let me start this post of with....



Yup, last night M was complaining about how long his hair was. He had a board of directors meeting yesterday and went to gel his hair and it wouldn't stand up/style.. aka.. looked like crap! So of course I volunteered to cut it, after all I couldn't make it look worse.... worse than that one other time I cut it of course. Yup, he has let me do it before, a LONG time ago and yes, it gets better, I used kitchen scissors!! We were cottaging and needless to say, he wore his hat a lot that trip and got it fixed when we got home! He may have also said something along the lines of "NEVER AGAIN".... opps... I can only get better right?

Well my friends, after he agreed that I could do it, he then started adding rules, like no scissors. So I got out the dog clipper set I had bought years ago and then realized there were only 2 razor attachments in it! We searched for the others and then decided we would make do! I double triple checked that he was sure he wanted me to do this and then I added a rule of my own that went a little something like this " You cannot get mad at me if it looks bad and you cannot complain because after all, you wanted this".

So I did it and it is SHORT!! Not buzz cut short, but shorter than he likes! At first he thought I was cutting a military cut, but he let me finish up and I think it looks good! He says it looks good, but it is too short! I told him that he better find the other attachments! The only part that I may have screwed up on would be the bottom of his neck. I was focusing soo hard on making sure it was straight and then he would move and a little more would have to come off. It is definitely shorter than before and normally you wouldn't be able to tell, but he has a white streak because his tan doesn't go up that far from being away!! I blame it on him!

So ladies, if you ever wonder if your man trusts you, see if he will let you cut his hair!

I give M credit for letting me try again after the first mishap!!

Now on to What I Am Loving Wednesday!!

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I am loving M for trusting me of course!

I am loving the comment M made this morning: "My hair is sooo short, my head is cold" and I told him " Put a hat on" and he walked around the house with a toque on for the rest of the morning!! His hair really isn't THAT short, he just needs to get used to it!!

I am loving the positive temperatures that are happening today!! I would also love it if they would stick around!!

I am loving that I am 72% finished my book according to my KOBO!! I borrowed the e-file from the library and only have until Saturday to finish!! This will be one of the quickest books I have read!

That is all I have for today because I have got to get back to work!!

Have a great Wednesday!!


Rebekah said...

These are great things to be loving! It finally warmed up here and I love it! Dylan makes me cut his hair and thankfully, all I have to do is basically buzz it. Not terribly short, but I don't like doing it. He's so picky and constantly telling me I've missed spots when I haven't finished. :)

Cherish @ Southern Soul Mates said...

I have been cutting Brandon's hair for 5 years now. It all started because we were too broke for him to go and get it cut every month, and it has just continued. The trade-off is that he has also been cutting my hair for 5 years, too! We have saved a ton of money that way, so good for y'all :) xoxo

Kit said...

What great things you are loving today! I hope that you had a great Wednesday! I would be so nervous to cut someone elses hair!

Marilyn said...

Lovely Blog.. I found you on the friday hop ;)) Officially following you.. Excited to get to indulge in more of your posts :)) .. Please stop by sometime - I'm Marilyn from - Happy Friday..

jill.galario said...

Hello, your blog is awesome! I love following fellow moms because I get to learn a lot about momhood.♥ A new follower here, via the blog hop. Here's my blog site, drop by anytime!:)

Erin Tagle said...

You know what I'm loving???? THAT song on your blog! I love the original GB version, but WHO IS THIS GIRL?! :)


Hilary Lane said...

Hahaha, Josh loves his fade too much to let me near his hair!


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