Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thoughts On Thursday

Sorry for the late post today... I am working!! (since I was off yesterday due to the AWFUL, HORRIBLE weather that included SNOW... not bitter at all)!

So what is up on this Thursday?
  • I am working.
  • I am still enjoying my Spark People plan, I cannot say enough good things about this! I actually feel like I am in control and I am loving it! It has taught me what I am missing in my diet and gives me ideas on how to get them... like Potassium, I seriously lack Potassium!
  • I want to get back to walking outside, but the snow and ice are holding me back again!! I also found these workouts to try and they seem fairly simple, I might just complain about it later, but I am going to start off with the beginner training! Take a look at it here! Oh and wish me luck!
  • Today is the funeral of the 2 fallen firefighters. This breaks my heart. You can read my post about it HERE. Please stop and say a quick prayer for the family, friends and their community of these fallen heroes! This really hits home with M being a firefighter.
  • My Give Away is ending tomorrow, so please get your comments in! You can find the Give Away HERE!
  • Last night M and I crossed another item off of the Spring Cleaning To-Do list! We took an inventory of our freezer! I am hoping M will get the garage door opener finished this weekend and I am kind of happy that he held off on getting the patio furniture out, since we have snow again!

Well, that is all I have got for today!!

Remember, get your entry in for the Give Away! There is only 15 people entered so far!!

Have a great Thursday!!

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Heavenly Savings said...

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